Z feels an affinity with Lady Macbeth…

…having washed my hands, used anti-bacterial stuff on them three times and still felt I wasn’t clean.

It was the mud bath, you see. Supposed to be rejuvenating and healthy – yeah, right. I was just about good-humoured enough to go along with it to start with, and could even take the smell of sulphur, and mud itself doesn’t worry me, nor dirt – give me a fork, a muck heap and a vegetable patch, and I’ll beaver away for hours – but the thing of reaching down into the water to bring up handfuls of the stuff to plaster over myself was dispiriting and the realisation that it was the warmish water that many people had stood in, doing just that, sent me scrambling to the bank.  And I disliked the shower too, which was so powerful that it wasn’t easy to keep the water off my face and who knew its state of hygiene?

I dealt with the loo more easily, funnily enough, though it was the squatting kind, and at least there was soap at the washbasin. I had a long and thorough shower when I arrived back at the hotel, though.

still, the rest of the day was enjoyable, and I’ll see about adding some pictures in due course.

5 comments on “Z feels an affinity with Lady Macbeth…

  1. Mike and Ann

    Don’t think I like the sound of your ‘rejuvenating and healthy’ mud bath. Remember drinking a glass of spa water at ……….hold on……… Ann says it was at Tunbridge Wells in the seventies. As we remember the stuff it tasted somewhere between foul and vile and didn’t do either of us any good. So we’re not really believers in ‘cures’. You remember, no doubt, the fate planned for ‘The advertising hack who wearies with tales of countless cures’ ?

  2. Z Post author

    I drank the water at Spa, which tasted of iron. It didn’t seem to do me any harm. After applying (and washing off) the mud, to be fair, my skin was very soft, but it was also dry and I remain unconvinced that I’ve been rejuvenated.

  3. nick

    Ooh, what a wimp I am. I wouldn’t fancy either the mud bath (far too mucky) or the squatting loo. Whenever I’ve come across squatting loos I’ve gone to extreme lengths to avoid using them.


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