Z feels a fool (no, not the Sage, whatever are you thinking? Stop it!)

I do feel a fool. I wrote two long paragraphs, and then noticed that my internet connection was down. It wouldn’t come back, so I restarted the home hub and booster, and then, as that didn’t work, I saved what I’d written (how sensible, how provident) and restarted the computer.

That worked. Pity that I just saved and didn’t copy onto a Word or similar document.

It’s gone forever, can’t be arsed to write it twice. One more reason (apart from no talent and nothing to say) why I’ll never write a book. I would never bother with the honing and fine-tuning, let alone the proof reading.

Anyway, Tilly enjoyed her roast lamb today. I couldn’t manage all my dinner, so I suggested to the Sage that she might like salmon tomorrow. He quietly polished it off for me. There’s still some lamb, though. He did wonder, this morning, if we should buy chickens and cook them specially for her? I explained that I can cook for ourselves and save her bits, and also reassured him that I’ll leave enough for her next month when I’m away for a week.

Don’t worry, darlings, I’ll take my phone and blog from Scotland.

10 comments on “Z feels a fool (no, not the Sage, whatever are you thinking? Stop it!)

  1. Z

    You think, Dave?

    “Mm, nom nom nom, this is really soft” she says, opening her mouth most unnecessarily wide. You could have a point, Rog.

  2. sablonneuse

    Oh isn’t it just so annoying when you lose a whole page or more? Even if I try to rewrite it, it never comes out as well second time around.
    Looks as though Tilly is going to be thoroughly spoiled with her new diet.

  3. Z

    It was my own fault though, so I can’t complain.

    Yes, Tilly already rejects my dry breakfast toast when I offer to share it with me. Not that I can really blame her there.

  4. Z

    I’ve learned from long experience to try first a. checking that everything is plugged in and switched on and b. to try turning it off and on again.

  5. Z

    Actually, I’ve never been North Of The Border before, although my great grandmother was Scottish and my father went to school at Glenalmond. When he later went to Oxford, he had to have extra tuition to catch up…with Divinity, that is, although he was studying a science subject. Anyway, Glasgow had better be worth an incredibly long coach journey.

  6. mago

    I heared they do speak a little strange there. And Haggis.
    I know Scotland only by the travels of Theodor Fontane in the 19th century – Jenseits des Tweet / Across the Tweet – and other literature.


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