Z faces the prospect of Earning her Keep

Oh bugger. I’ve been airily sympathetic to those people who have been bemoaning the end of the summer holidays and the return to work and all that, for I am both always and never at work, am I not?

I’ve been thinking about the jollity of September, it being Universal Birthday month.

I’ve considered, happily, oncoming autumn, when the weather is bound to be far better than it was all summer, but with the bonus of it being unexpected and therefore a constant happiness and surprise, when any drizzly day in August is a source of discontent.

I’ve had my head somewhere in Nephelococcygia. And the clouds have just cleared.

The splendid thing, as far as you lovely people is concerned, is that it will only be a couple of weeks before our next sale is up on our website. By then it will look rather different, as Ro has taken over its design and maintenance from Lynn (who is the very Lynn whose birthday falls a couple of weeks after mine. We have known each other since Junior School). But, first, the china has to be labelled, lotted, described, examined and photographed. Which is where I come in.

First, it has to be unpacked (by the Sage). So at least I have this morning to eat toast, read the papers and clean the entire house. Just as well we only have two sales a year.

7 comments on “Z faces the prospect of Earning her Keep

  1. PI

    i do hope you are right about the weather. We are having a small break in October. Last week was my ‘clean the whole house’ and in my excitement at meeting Graanny p I omitted the hall and downstairs cloaks and do you imagine the guests/ family noticed? Not in a million years. Look forward to seeing the web site.

  2. Z

    It’s lovely when the whole house is clean (except, of course, for the dustbunnies hopping down the hall) because it means several weeks of taking it easy. Nothing like guests for making one see the cobwebs in the corner!

  3. martina

    The little saucer is very pretty, it would just be too expensive to purchase and ship here to the colonies. Take it easy cleaning. As a plaque I saw said “Housecleaning doesn’t kill, but why take chances”?

  4. mike

    I’d never heard of Lowestoft Porcelain before. Like a young “theatrical” type in search of a sugar daddy, it’s pretty but expensive… 🙂

  5. Z

    It’s quite provincial, Mike, charming but a little naive. Not classy like Chelsea, but more valuable than Liverpool (these are contemporary porcelains, I’m not being judgmental here…). Yes, your analogy fits rather well.

    A nice way of putting it, Luckyz, but I meant it literally. I don’t work office hours, so I might take the day off but then catch up and work until midnight. Or not, if there isn’t a deadline. I please myself, but fulfil obligations, though many of them are self-imposed.


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