Z enjoys the snow

I had an email from someone, sending me some pictures of Oulton Broad frozen over, because he’d read here that I’d grown up there. He’s left a couple of comments a while ago, under the name Bill in Lowestoft. His email address had his last name in too, and so I wrote back asking if he was a son of people I’d known years ago, and he is. He hadn’t realised who I was – in fact, I don’t think we’ve ever met, but he knew my family name. I think that’s great – my parents knew his father professionally and my sister worked for his mother at one point, and they were good enough friends to visit each others houses. My mother still kept in touch with his father with Christmas cards after his mother died.

And I received Dave Walker’s calendar in the post, and he also put in a couple of his church cartoon cards and postcards. Really kind, I’m ever so pleased.

It’s lovely dry crisp cold, with perfect snow for building snowmen. I’m not very bendy at present but helped Al and Squiffany for a bit. The Sage got out the sledge and took Squiffany out on it. I’m enjoying this much more than the damp iciness before Christmas. It’s not too easy to get about in, but all the reflected light off the snow dispels any SAD tendencies.

Wink went home today – we were all a bit anxious about road conditions, but she said it was all right and she’s got home safe. It’s a bit dull here without her, and my wine consumption has gone right down. I suppose I’d better get into condition for a few dry days in hospital. I daresay I won’t be allowed while I’m taking painkillers – a good reason to be as stoic as possible. Anyway, my liver is looking forward to the rest. I wonder if I’ll feel the better for it?

Nothing on television so I’ve been listening to music all evening.

I’ve got to be out by 7.30 tomorrow morning for the early service. I suspect no one else, except the minister, will turn up.

6 comments on “Z enjoys the snow

  1. Z

    Of the six churches in the benefice, three have cancelled. Denton’s is in the chapel this week so can go ahead – several churches have awkward sloping paths that are too slippery.

    No one came to the 8 o’clock service. Barry and I shut up shop and came home. I’ll go back for the next one in a couple of hours.

  2. Christopher

    I do enjoy mention you make of this Broad or that – it reminds me of a holiday when I was 18, just before A level, sailing out of Potter Heigham (sp?) with three other lusty lads. Happy days indeed, although one of us behaved so badly towards a boat-load of girls that he had to be thrown overboard, not into Oulton Broad but the one between Potter Heigham and Wroxham. I think we fished him out eventually.


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