Z engages with the thought of thirty-nine years

I have told the story before, which doesn’t surprise me at all.  Here and here.  I’d said, the previous day, that it was about the time of the anniversary of our engagement (not now, but when the posts were written) so that prompted me at the time.

And, having joined Twitter a while ago but never used it, I have been prompted by Rog finding me there. Bring it on, darlings.  If you use it, please let me know and I’ll follow you, or whatevs.  I’m not quite with it all yet.  But I find half measures a bit dispiriting, so now I’ve made a start I’ll use it.  I’ll find a button to put on the side so you can find me too.

20 comments on “Z engages with the thought of thirty-nine years

  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Z:
    So far, to date, we have resisted both Twitter and Facebook. But isn’t it wonderful when connections are made, and friendships renewed, through the internet as happened to us this very week? There is much to be said for modern technology!

  2. Z

    There is indeed, Lance and Jane. I resisted Twitter and Facebook too for a long time. And I tried hard to keep my name and this blog unconnected. But now I’ve given up and am going with the flow.

    I’ve had TweetDeck on my phone for a long time, so was sort of ready to go, Scarlet. For one of the less sociable creatures I know, I’m getting extremely communicative.

  3. Macy

    I used to twitter but got fed up being overshadowed by towering twitter stars; THEN I started becoming a magnet for porn stars.
    God Knows Why.

  4. Z

    I will not attract porn stars. And if I did, I’d enquire so solicitiously that they were not getting cold or a bit achy in the joints that I’d be no fun at all. I had a dodgy phone call once and I didn’t even realise until afterwards.

  5. georgie

    I use Twitter but have it as private, so “followers” have to be cleared by me first. It seems a bit safer than Facebook-which I do not have, by choice.

  6. Z

    I’ve given in. Once my name was thoroughly linked to this blog, it didn’t matter any more.

    I’m more of a good-time girl, Roses darling.

  7. heybartender

    When you figure out how to do the button on the side, will you please tell me? I don’t use Twitter much, but when I remember it I like it a lot. I only follow a few people but they are generally entertaining.

  8. Z

    I looked into adding a button, but it gave my name, so I went for the option you see on the right. Still takes you right to me, but it’s seeing ZS in print on my blog that, quite illogically, spooks me. If you click on the ‘follow me’ thing, you’ll find me.

    Thanks, Sav, I’ll join you. Yes, I’ve seen you on FB.

  9. Sarah

    Hi Z, I’m a regular reader of your blog having found you via BW. I know Yagnub becaue my dad lived there for a few years (he’s in Spain now), so that gave me a reason to keep following you.

  10. mig

    I shall probably avoid twitter till it’s almost completely passe and then suddenly discover it and be very boring about it when everyone else I know has been doing it for years.

  11. Z

    That’s really nice, thank you Sarah. Lovely to make contact.

    Well, that’s rather what I’ve been doing, Mig. Dipping finally into Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (I’ve lost all sense of balance, this is daft) I still prefer blogging overall.


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