Z drops in

I’m quite busy this week, as my sister Wink is staying. LT is in Reading as he had someone coming to do a job at the house, but he’ll be back tomorrow. Busy in a sociable way, that is – it’s not that Wink is any trouble, though she does lead me astray in an alcohol-driven sense. I don’t mind that though, it’s my duty as a sociable hostess to accommodate her every wish.

Overnight, healing happened in my foot. It’s different today from yesterday, and I didn’t need to wear my boot until 5 o’clock when I went out to water the greenhouse. We’re being taken out by friends to a particularly nice restaurant in another ten days and I really don’t want to wear it then, so I’m encouraged by this progress.

Poor Tim is putting the catalogue together while he’s away and, having put in more than half of the photos, he went back to open Publisher and it declared the file is corrupted. One of the photos must have gone bad. It’s between lot 58 and lot 75. We will have to work out which – they’re all fine on my computer, as far as I can tell, so we don’t know what the problem is – and retake that picture. All his work has been wasted. He was philosophical about it on the phone, but I’d have been spitting if I’d been him.

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  1. Mike and Ann.

    Good morning Zoe. I know what you mean about ‘overnight healing’ of your foot. The same thing has just happened to my busted hip. I’ve been trying to tie my bootlaces for weeks and I usually end up with Ann or one of the girls doing it (and sometimes they scold a bit when they find me trying) Ayway this morning i sailed through the job. My scientifically arrived at theory (backed up by your evidence) is that there’s a healing cloud going over at present.


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