Z drips

The day didn’t start marvellously, as I woke early, read for some time and then spent some time sorting things out and tidying upstairs (I know darlings, the knicker drawer is a thing of beauty right now) and finally dressed,  and washed my hair – and then heard a car downstairs.  It was my neighbour, so I scuttled downstairs with dripping hair in a towel that kept falling off – the towel, most of the hair stayed where it was supposed to be.

I can’t quite actually remember why he came – oh yes, now I can, it doesn’t matter – but he mentioned that the Fellow was at his house (the Rectory) doing some work, so I said I’d hot-bike round there to say hello.  I was about to dry my hair when the Sage said that people were arriving for the 9.30 meeting.  Which had slipped my mind in the excitement of hearing about the Fellow.  So I phoned Dilly, said I’d be 5 minutes, slapped on my face, ignored my hair (vanity goes only so far) and scurried next door (the other next door to the Rectory) with the papers that I had remembered to print off yesterday.

It was so good to see the Fellow – my ex-fellow-churchwarden, that is, who moved to Norwich nearly a year ago.  We’ve got some unfinished quinquennial business so I promised to give a ring and go and sit down with him for an hour or so to sort it out – once we’ve both found the relevant papers.  “I know which room they’re in,” I said hopefully.  He laughed, but noticeably didn’t say as much for himself.  I know what it’s like – in fact, my copy of the papers is the same as his, but not annotated, but he’ll remember what he wrote on them.

Anyway, I’m spending the evening watching Top of the Pops 2 with keen enjoyment.  The 80s.  What a decade for music.  Especially Bucks Fizz.  Gosh, the hair.  Oh gosh, Kylie and Jason have just come on.  If that’s the right thing to say.

10 comments on “Z drips

  1. Dave

    Fortunately by the time I’ve finished drying the rest of me, my hair is already dry, so I never need to be seen with a towel on my head.

  2. Roses

    I recently forked out for the Ministry of Sound compilation of the Electronic 80s. Fantastic.

    I wish my admin was as sorted as yours. I just have boxes and baskets of paperwork which I ignore ad infinitum.

  3. Z

    At least we mocked Bucks Fizz at the time, Sir B. I thought I didn’t listen to any of it at the time – but I seemed to know every word of every song, which was quite embarrassing.

    I trust you don’t underestimate the allure of a balding man, Dave and Chris. Back in the 80s, I still had long hair so mine took even longer to dry than it does now.

    If you ignore the paperwork for long enough, Roses, most of it goes out of date anyway and you can forget it altogether. Works for me. Though not in this case, sadly.


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