Z doesn’t really judge how nice people are by how untidy their house is

I should make it very clear that I was only meaning myself yesterday, I’ve no objection in the least to anyone cleaning their house every day.  Just that it would be a last resort for me – though when I am organised enough to do a bit every day (apart from the obvious which I don’t really count, such as cooking, washing up and basic kitchen and bathroom hygiene), it always makes me realise I should keep it going.  Half an hour a day extra would make all the difference.  As I said, I used to do a lot more housework, it was necessary.  And Russell wasn’t quite so unhelpful then, although always pretty disorganised.  Anyway, I know lots of people who do their own housework, have an immaculate house and are really fun and lovely people to boot.  I admire them, but can’t begin to do the same.  It would drag me down.

After getting home this lunchtime, I spent a while with Ben, who really needs a bit more training.  Now that the chickens are not running loose, I’d like to be able to let him be free to roam the garden, but I do want him to be more obedient first.  He does understand, he just thinks it’s his choice whether or not to obey.  It isn’t.  Once he catches on to that, he can do almost whatever he likes.  I don’t want a yes-dog, I like them with a bit of individuality.  It’s just that if it really matters (for example, if he’s haring off towards the road), I want a shout to tell him to wait to have instant results.

My contact lens is round the back of my eye again.  Slipped round as soon as it went in this morning, no idea what went wrong.

Anyway, I’m going to be Granny tomorrow, which will be a lovely break.  Weeza has skirting boards to paint.

6 comments on “Z doesn’t really judge how nice people are by how untidy their house is

  1. nick

    I do most of the housework in our house because Jenny has a very demanding full-time job and I only have a part-time one. But no way would I do housework every day, that seems obsessive to me. I do it just often enough to keep the place looking fairly presentable and that’s it. I know people who clean and dust and wipe endlessly and panic if there’s a layer of dust somewhere, but really, life is too short for such unrewarding fastidiousness!

  2. nick

    And as far as other people’s houses are concerned, I visit them for their company, not their domestic perfection. I couldn’t care less if their house is immaculate or shambolic. Just as long as they can find the coffee and the chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Liz

    My house was certainly a lot cleaner when I wasn’t working – I don’t think my windows have been cleaned since I went back to work in July. I’m also fighting a losing battle with the laundry due to the recent run of very wet weather.
    Today is my day off and I have tackled some of the household chores, but still haven’t managed to do everything that is in need of attention. I dare say it will still be dirty next Wednesday and maybe I can sort it out then.
    My niece and nephew were here at the weekend so there are little hand prints on the patio doors. My goal is to clean them off before their next visit!

  4. Roses

    I confess, I have a cleaner. Once a week, she comes in and makes the flat good. Makes me feel better.

    Do I judge other people for the state of their houses? Nope. I’m too busy enjoying their company to worry about what the state of their bathroom or their kitchen floor. Nahhh…

    But I’d rather they didn’t have to push the goat having a crap on their kitchen table off, so we could sit down.

  5. Z Post author

    Some people are obsessive though, maybe we should sympathise! My cleaners, two of them for two hours a month, can do the basics in several rooms. it takes far longer to go through all of them. If a house has no books or anything to make it look homely, I don’t feel very comfortable, but otherwise I don’t mind what state it is in. I’m fine with goats in the kitchen, sounds homely.


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