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I must download those photos – I never did show you any from Jersey, did I – I’m hopeless. I really will put up a few from the blog party, though.

Eloise cat continues to do well. We put her harness and lead on her yesterday, but she just lay down and wouldn’t move. However, on trying again today, we felt that she’d healed sufficiently to go outside, and she loved that. She hadn’t been out for three weeks and the first thing she did was to go and eat some grass. She pottered about with me at the end of the lead – but was very unhappy when shut up again. I took her out again later (she mustn’t walk too much to start with in case it inflames the leg) and she was very happy.

I’m measuring all her food and have taken to measuring the water too – not to restrict her, of course, but to check how much she’s actually drinking, because it doesn’t seem much. I don’t look obsessive, but it’s evidently a repressed part of my nature.

I have been planting out vegetables. I’m growing fewer this year, so that a couple of the beds can be left empty and thoroughly weeded. Unfortunately, I’ve got various perennial weeds, especially bindweed, in most of the beds and this is the year to attack it. Very reluctantly, I’m even prepared to use weedkiller – I never do, except on the drive and tennis court, but it’s gone beyond control, mostly because a rotovator has been used on the beds; which I dislike but, as I cannot cope with them myself, have had to accept.

You may follow the blog of our good friend Mike (The Armoury). Ann phoned me last night, to tell me not to expect any posts for a little while. He stumbled on a step, broke his hip and is recovering in Ipswich Hospital. He sounds in good spirits, though his keenness to be independent and helpful sometimes exceeds his abilities, so the nurses are being kept on their toes. He’s likely to be in hospital for another week and he’s in Needham Ward, in case anyone wants to send him a card.

Pheasants are wandering around, pacing the ground as they wait for their chicks to hatch. Without their wives to look after, they don’t quite know what to do with themselves. Isn’t spring lovely?

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