Z doesn’t listen to opinionated people

I had a long chat with Weeza this morning on the phone – poor Gus has chickenpox, not that he’s ill but she wanted to know if all Al’s children have had it.  I wasn’t sure about Hay – but nor was I sure what Al and Dilly would say, they might not be too bothered.  She’s sent an email round the family anyway, in case it alters matters for our weekend get-together.

I also wanted to discuss our birthday present to her, because what we would like to give her involves a couple of days off work for her and Phil, but I know that, when you have small children and are employed, holiday time is precious and carefully worked out.  When you’re self-employed, it’s often impossible to have any, of course, at least for some years.  Anyway, she really likes the idea and will talk to Phil to try to work things out.

R and I both went out this morning, he to see a client (he may not be an active auctioneer any more, but he hasn’t retired and is being resourceful in keeping his mind and interests active) and I to a Nadfas lecture.  When I got home, I went to say hello to the tortoises, taking a couple of dandelions and primroses as a present.  Edweena wasn’t interested in her primrose, but the babies loved it, so I gave them both.  They all adore dandelions, though they’re not supposed to have them too often.  As they were chomping them hungrily, I thought they might like a bit more to eat, so trotted off to pick some leaves.  They grabbed them from my hand!  I fetched more food.  I’ve said to R, he probably should feed them twice a day because they will eat more than he thinks they will.  I want to get a run sorted for them outside, so that they can go out on nice days, though I think they should come in at night for a while yet.  I can’t think we won’t have more frosts and the babies are so small.  But spring is certainly here early – it said on the news today that the first asparagus crop has been picked.  I don’t care how much it costs, I eat local asparagus at every opportunity.  I don’t bother with imported stuff.

Apparently, we have been dusted in Sahara sand – except we haven’t, not here.  It was a bit hazy first thing, but there is no dust at all on my windscreen.  The rest of the car is reasonably clean but I’d hardly use it as a test – it had its spring wash several weeks ago.

Programme not to watch earlier this evening – Clegg and Farage.  I’m not fond of argument anyway, not to listen to nor to take part in.  A debate is one thing, but even one person with an entrenched opinion that he or she is determined will hold sway is an atmosphere-killer at any occasion, and two trading wannabe-soundbites is as tedious a prospect as I can imagine.  And let’s face it, neither of them is ever going to be Prime Minister, however popular some of their views are with some people.  I’m very glad to have turned my back on politics for many, many years – I vote, but I am not political because of my school situation.  I think it would be unprofessional, as well as unwise.  I was glad to see that no one I follow on Twitter even mentioned it, apart from the BBC.

7 comments on “Z doesn’t listen to opinionated people

  1. tim

    I strongly disagree with your last paragraph. It’s only by people forming opinions, promoting them, and sticking to them against contrary opinions that things can ever change for the better. That’s why I’m voting Green next time.

  2. Z Post author

    But it’s the total black and white thing of arguing the toss, when no one will actually debate the issues. Of course we should have opinions and maintain a considered position, but I can’t bear the party political shouting down of Question Time, for instance, where no one says anything that might be construed as stepping out of a carefully drawn line, every word is examined in case there’s an ambiguity and, however good a case one person might make, their opponent won’t concede an inch. No one party is all right nor all wrong, but they rarely acknowledge that about each other.

    It’s worth listening to the opinions of others who don’t agree with you, in case a good point is made, but only promoting one’s own view often means one doesn’t really take into account what others are explaining. Why would it be desirable never to consider that someone else might be partly right, or that just because you’re right doesn’t mean the other person is wrong? But a set-up series of point scoring is something I find unbearably stressful. Actually, I find that listening to politicians is pretty unpleasant on the whole. I can barely bear to read what they say, never mind having them on tv in front of me. I have very stressful, difficult things to deal with at school at present and it takes all my resilience to cope with that, never mind being annoyed by two self-opinionated self-publicists.

    1. Z Post author

      I should add that I do have political opinions of course, but I mostly keep quiet in public, particularly in regards to party politics. Once I’m off the governing body, I can do what I want. And genuine debate is interesting and stimulating.

  3. tim

    Points taken. But I’m coming round to the view that in order to demolish the black and the white, you have to play them at their own game.
    Looking forward to the new politicised Z …!

  4. Roses

    I’ve collected your share of the Sahara dust on my card for you darling. Would you like me to drop it off at some point?

    I totally agree with you about the debate. I refused to follow it on the grounds that both are ignorant, liars and oathbreakers and I want nothing to do with either of them. If I wanted to see two blokes shouting politics, I’d have gone to the pub.

    I love asparagus. I will start keeping an eye out.

    It’s really spring! Yay! xx

  5. Z Post author

    Well, I could do with some sand for the tortoises’ runs. They’re Greek tortoises, but I’m sure they’ll be happy with African.

    And yes, why listen to bigots? A reasoned debate is another matter.

    I adore spring. I love all the changing seasons, but spring excites me!


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