Z doesn’t have a good start to the day

So, and the Sage doesn’t know it yet because he’s out, I’ve had an email from my new tenant wanting to terminate the contract. For goodness sake, I spent well over £2000 on agents’ fees and getting the place ready and he’s only been there 3 1/2 months. I’ll have to look up the contract. It’s for a year but I can’t remember if there’s a 6 month break clause. He has to give 2 months notice at any rate.

In other news, it’s raining. I’m going to spend most of the day in school as there’s a double music lesson followed by an afternoon of meetings, so I’ll have lunch there too. I was going to cycle in, not having been on my bike for more than a few hundred yards all week, but not when I need to look tidy and it’s raining. I can’t pretend to be altogether sorry for the excuse, although if I go out and find the rain has stopped I will get on the bike. I don’t really give myself excuses. I’m extremely lazy and only too ready to take them.

10 comments on “Z doesn’t have a good start to the day

  1. Blue Witch

    Thing is, even if there is a 6 month clause, or a requirement for 2 months’ notice, you can’t enforce it without going to court. *If* you can find where they’ve gone…

    OK you get to keep the deposit, but how much is that?

    There could be a local blogger who might be interested…

  2. martina

    Well, the good news is the chances of finding a new tenant when it is spring are good. No one wants to go house hunting in the winter. Also, you have fixed all of the necessary things. Are there property managemet companies in England like here? They find tenants, take care of contract, repairs etc. for small monthly fee. That would save any rush trips to London.

  3. Z

    He says he needs a bigger place. I have no reason to think he has financial problems, apart from anything else he is paid in euros so it could be that he can well afford something bigger.

    I’ll make no other remarks, Google links to this blog under my real name and in any case it wouldn’t be appropriate. He’s been no problem as a tenant anyway and pays on time.

    It’s a small flat but in an excellent location so rather expensive.


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