Z doesn’t buy an eyebath

I really am getting a bit long in the tooth for this auction lark. There’s a lot to do afterwards. But anyway, it went pretty well. I had too much standard stuff, but I knew that. Three sellers put in much the same things and I hadn’t really known in advance that this was the case. But the nicest things sold pretty well, though prices have drawn in over the last few years, on the whole. Highest price was £3000 bid for a tiny, 5cm high eyebath. It was adorable and I wanted it. I’d already decided not to bid though, even before the commission bid came in. It’ll stay local, I’m delivering it to the buyer on Monday.

Over the next few days, I’ll write to all the vendors and pay them. I like to have all the paperwork done in a week, which is much quicker than any other auction house that I’ve ever come across. Tim is going to be away for a couple of days, so I’ll do the boring stuff then and be my usual vibrant self by the time he gets home *tongue in cheek emoji*

We’re hoping to get away for a couple of days in the next month, in fact. We’ll get planning when he gets back and I’ve finished the bookwork.

The chickens are all getting on reasonably well, though pecking order is still being established. Sadly, the three young ones that I thought were boys are boys. I really should learn that I’m right first time, but I can’t resist waiting a few more weeks until it’s obvious. I’ve never been wrong yet, though. What’s been different this time is that they’re 12 weeks old and they’ve never squabbled and they’ve never crowed. Their father ignores them or is tolerant. But that won’t last either. They’re such nice little chaps, I put off doing anything about it. Still, I have half a dozen little pullets, four of which are four and a half months old and the others are the sisters of the cocks. So, to be practical, they’ll lay eggs during the winter, when the big girls are off lay. Jolly good.

Family coming for lunch tomorrow. That’s jolly good too, I’m looking forward to it.

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