Z does very little

I’m absurdly relaxed. I’m gradually catching up on work but not putting much into it. I’m hoping that I’m just following my body, as it were, and that when I need to snap to it, I’ll be all keen and ready again.

I was awake for a long time in the night, so I finished the book and started another. Reading books has settled me back into myself I know – but for ages they didn’t hold my interest. Actually, yesterday’s didn’t really as I didn’t engage with any of the characters at all, but the writing itself was good enough to keep me going.

Today, after getting up late, I went into town to pick up my contact lenses. The receptionist was just back from 3 months in Australia visiting family and we chatted for a long time. I was in there about 20 minutes. Then I went over to where I’d left my bike and chatted to friends who were buying their fruit and veg from Al and then I went to the bike shop to get my tyres pumped up. This is no sort of euphemism, they were quite spongy. I bought a pump while I was there. £2.50 seems reasonable for a bicycle pump. I went back for some kumquats, rhubarb, blood oranges and a melon and then to the wine shop, then to the deli. I was right out of coffee and couldn’t quite face instant. Last night, I thought I made a cup of chamomile tea, left the bag in the mug and it was only when I was taking the first sip that I realised it was actually green tea and already getting bitter. I like it bitter, but not overbrewed. The coffee smelled so gorgeous that I had to make a potful as soon as I got home.

So now I’ve had a late lunch and have been reading the papers and listening to relaxing music – first Sidney Bechet and now Mara Carlyle. For dinner tonight, we’ll have melon, roast partridge and something with rhubarb and kumquats. You need to cook the kumquats first – the skins are edible but tart so I usually simmer them until tender, then add sugar and cook again. Orange flavour goes beautifully with rhubarb and the liquid from the kumquat, reduced until syrupy, gives plenty of sweetness. I’ll probably cut them in half as they can be very pippy.

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  1. Z

    The Sicilian ones, which are the best, are in at the moment, but Al can only get them for a week or two. His sign ‘Sicilian Blood Oranges’ makes one think of racial stereotypes.


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