Z does not have an early night

I arrived home from dinner and did a few things and chatted to the Sage and then just sat here listening to music and writing. I decided to have an earlyish night, but it was a bit too early, as I’d wake in the small hours if I was asleep much before midnight. Then Ro came and chatted a bit while he was getting his lunch ready and the Sage asked me to let Tilly out before I went to bed, so I said I’d only be a few minutes and asked Ro when he was going for a bath. He said at half past, at which time I realised it was nearly half past eleven, which isn’t very early, and now it’s ten to twelve and I haven’t let Tilly out yet nor, of course, in again and locked up and so I won’t be going to bed early after all, since I won’t sleep if I don’t have a bath and wind down a bit.


7 comments on “Z does not have an early night

  1. PI

    I seem to have developed a habit of going up to my dressing room /office at 11 and failing to be in be by 12 – but soon after. MTL goes to bed early – reads and then gets his first sleep in before my bed-time. Works quite well most of the time. Most days I have a daytime snooze but on the days I can’t, don’t seem to miss it.
    Do I get the prize for the most mind numbingly boring comment ever?

  2. Dandelion

    I was going to say what dave said! Then I figured by the time you read it, it’d be too late, so I didn’t.

    I think pi should get a prize, but for the funniest comment, not the boringest. It’s the ending that did it, pi

  3. The Boy

    Good afternoon? I hope the eventual sleep was restful.

    BTW, why does Ro have lunch late in the evening? Does he work some strange swing shift?

  4. Z

    What? I must be a most ambiguous writer, or else you’re teasing me too (yes, the more likely possibility). I mean, he was getting his lunch ready for today.

    Pat, I was highly interested throughout. For one thing, you couldn’t be boring if you tried and for another, that’s much what we do (except the study is downstairs) and so I had a nice twinge of togetherness with you.

  5. The Boy

    Ha, no, I’m an ambiguous reader! I honestly couldn’t figure out why he was having lunch in the evening. I have a sister who works very unsocial hours as a social worker, and we’re always talking at strange times when she’s just having breakfast at midnight or some such.


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