Z dithers

A friend has just come online. I emailed him last week to ask how his twin 16-year-old daughters did in their GCSEs. He hasn’t replied. Now, he isn’t big on emailing. On the other hand, he’s online and he can see I’m online (and this has happened 3 times this week). Doesn’t look as if they did as well as hoped.

So, is it tactful or uncaring of me not to say ‘hello’? I’m still going with tactful; hell, I emailed and it’s sort of up to him. But blokes are a bit retarded that way (not you of course, dear heart, I’m talking about other men) and he might be waiting for me to say something.

Sheesh. I’ll see the kids sooner or later and ask them.

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  1. Dandelion

    I’d sooner or later say hello, but make it clear you’re not going to mention the GCSEs. Either his brain has moved on since your email, and he’s quite innocently forgotten whose turn it is, or the GCSEs weren’t great and he’s avoiding because he doesn’t want to talk about it.

  2. Z

    Indeed, Jamie!

    I’ll see Al’s Saturday girl tomorrow and no doubt she’ll tell me how things went as she’s friends with them and they go to the same school. Then I’ll know whether to send a cheery message or keep a tactful silence. I can’t think they’ve done badly, they’re hard-working girls, but let’s face it, if they’d got straight As he’s have been online telling me all about it.

  3. The Boy

    Oi! Its not just men. I have known a few of the female persuasion to just not respond to emails.

    Want Dandelion said. Try again, but on a totally new topic.

  4. Caitlin

    One of my best friends is of the male gender and very slow at responding even when he has the most exciting news – on the other hand if he emails me and doesn’t receive a reply within the hour he’s on the phone! Pshaw!

    I’m sure that’s no help at all to you – but you seem to have it worked out anyway.

  5. Z

    I’ve got a whole lot of emails I haven’t replied to recently, but the thing is, he was online, I was online so he could have told me then if he couldn’t get around to making it a whole email.


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