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I’ve got a sheet of exercises from the physiotherapist. Some of them are to do standing, a couple standing on a step and a few more lying on the bed. Two or three times a day, I should do them. I’ve managed one of them once today, I was busy. I feel guilty already, especially as I assured the nice man that I was highly motivated and would do whatever would help. Anyway, he gave me some lovely ultrasound and another appointment for a fortnight hence.

This afternoon, I got the Sage to do the hoovering. I just kept pointing him at another room and he politely kept going. He’s not superb at it, admittedly – if there’s a magazine lying on the floor, for example, he’ll hoover round it and when it’s picked up there’s a pile of gubbins underneath, but this is a small fault and easy to overlook. I don’t believe in being critical when someone is helping me. It’s discouraging and ungrateful. Better to give total praise and then, next time, remember to mention in advance that it’s a help in doing a really good job if you move stuff about a bit.

Ro helped me with dinner. We’ve got a friend staying and so I chatted over a glass of wine and was a bit late starting on a slightly complicated dinner – not elaborate, a simple fish pie, but there were a lot of separate parts to it. I asked Ro to mash potatoes and he didn’t know where the potato ricer is kept. Evidently, he doesn’t do quite enough in the kitchen normally. However, he did a lot to help and I was, again, grateful and appreciative. For a pudding, I meant to poach pears but Squiffany went to sleep so I had to babysit next door instead of getting on with some cooking while the children were here, so I made them into a crumble instead with a jar of quince preserve, which worked well.

I’ve been told again that swimming would do me more good than anything. I don’t quite like to explain that I’m too timorous to take both feet off the bottom unless I’m holding on with at least one hand. I am very capable of floundering helplessly at the bottom of the pool, even when I’m not out of my depth. I hardly ever even lie back in the bath as when I relax I have been known to slip under the water and panic.

Ooh, the dinner must have been all right. I thanked Ro for his help, again, and he kissed me goodnight. This doesn’t often happen. The Sage always kisses me when I make him a pudding, too. Isn’t that splendid?

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  1. Dandelion

    If you hold on to the side with your two hands, and do swimming legs, that’d probably do you the good that the physio was thinking of. It’s your hip, yes?

    I know a lady who disobeyed her phsyio’s instruction (to not try and walk with two fractured femurs, ankles and feet), with no ill-effects at all, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

  2. lom

    I am with Dandelion on this one, do they do exercise classes in the water, (it is called something, but it escapes me at the moment)nearer you, that might help too.

  3. Caitlin

    Yep, hang onto the side and kick.

    I really feel like crumble now. Wish you hadn’t mentioned it Z because I won’t rest now until I have some. I’d be obliged if you could drop some round at my place…I might not kiss you as well as Sage does but I’d give you a peck on the cheek, a big hug and a glass of wine. Would that do?

  4. Z

    Aquacise, LOM, I think. I’ve thought of it. And yes, Dand and Caitlin, it would.

    Actually, Weeza is thinking about taking a time slot with a private pool. If it’s at a time I could go with her, I would be all right. I’m just as floundery with no one about but not so timid.

    Caitlin, I’ll be over with the crumble. Custard?

    Sorry, Dave, now I’ve found how to get him started, he’ll be washing the windows next. Firth of Forth Bridge this house, never finished. Rarely started actually, but impossible to clean in a day anyway.

  5. Ad

    I think you must at least show willing with the exercises, there is a tendency to over compensate with one’s good leg so that that can ‘wear out’ quicker if the ‘bad leg’ is not strengthened. It’s a chew, I know, having just been handed the 70,000 steps per week task to improve ‘clearance’. Keep it up!

  6. The Allotment Blogger

    Yup, private pool or hotel pool is a good idea as it will be warmer too. Alternatively, take the littlies to a toddler pool in your standard swimming complex – you can sit in there all day, doing exercises, and the water will only come up to your waist when you’re sitting/kneeling.

    The key issue is to take the weight off the joints while you improve their mobility, so as long as you do that, you’re fine. Example, sit in the toddler pool, put your hands on the bottom and lift your legs (and backside!) an inch or so off the tiles. Then rotate your ankles under the water. You’ll find they move much more easily than they do on the floor. All you need to do is adapt your exercises to water and you’ll be fine.

    Sorry, it’s the yoga teacher in me coming out …

  7. Z

    Absolutely, Ad – the reason I went to him was because I’m concerned about my sometimes uneven gait and I don’t want to damage the rest of me. I know I’ve got the other hip to come eventually anyway, and my hand grip isn’t what it was – one reason to take up knitting, I’m practical even in my amusements on occasion.

    70,000 steps? Get walking, dear heart.

    Allotment Blogger, welcome and thank you for sensible and practical advice. In fact, when I do go to the pool I go with Dilly and the children and surreptitiously do a few exercises in the toddler pool.

    Rog’s advice is good too. Except I don’t quite know on whom my influence is quite that strong. Would you like to do them for me?

    Actually, instead of going up to an unheated bedroom, maybe Tilly would shift off the sofa and let me do them there, if I asked her nicely.

  8. PI

    I had to go back some way to discover that its your hip that is a problem. For what its worth almost everybody I know has one or two new hips with no problems. Rest assured this weather plays havoc with odd joints and my shoulder has slipped right back – drat it!
    Hope yours improves soon.

  9. Z

    Yes, our climate is no good for joints as we get older, is it Pat?

    I know I’ll have a new hip eventually but not for a few years and I’d like to stave it off as long as possible by looking after myself.

  10. Z

    I think so too, Dave. I feel very unlucky. I’ve never injured my leg or hip or done anything to make it likely to occur, and getting age-related arthritis in my 40s, which was when the symptoms started, is a bit rough.

  11. Anonymous

    M loves to hoover and he’s pretty good at it which is just as well as he’s very manly about other housework…i.e. doesn’t do much. (But I forgive him because he massages my back whenever I ask and at the moment that’s quite often as I have sore muscles. He’s also tidier than I – no clothes left lying about, unlike me. )


    ps – I love crumble. I have never made it though, and think it’s high time I tried.

  12. Z

    The Sage will pack and unpack the dishwasher regularly, and he empties the kitchen bin because it’s clearly his job, but not a lot else unless I ask. Sadly, he is even untidier than I am. And he’s rubbish at massage.

    Crumble is much easier than pastry, takes no time to make and you can add whatever you like to it, such as nuts or oats and keep ringing the changes.


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