Z cried

In the doctor’s surgery, what could be more embarrassing? I’ve known him for years, our children were at school together.

Anyway, the good news. He says I don’t drink too much!!(!)

He also says that my blood pressure is normal.

On the other hand, my suspicions are correct and I have arthritis in my right hip. He observed (absolutely politely) that I’ve put some weight on over the years and wondered if it was when my mother died? That was when I cried. He was most upset and apologised and put a kind hand on my arm.

Anyway, he suggests losing a stone in the next year* wouldn’t be a bad idea and to see him again in a few months.

*er, and another one the year after…

Later I’ve thought of another good thing. I wasn’t making a fuss about nothing.

Darling daughter sent me flowers. I cried again, but it was different.

I’m fine, pissed off and I’ll get pissed (in a low calorie sort of way) tonight, but my usual good cheer is reasserting itself. I’m only fifty-fucking-four though, and I don’t see why I’ve got to get this dreary sort of thing so young. Still, I’ll be bragging about seeing my ribs soon. Hope I don’t lose the D cup though.

19 comments on “Z cried

  1. badgerdaddy

    Hot diggety, you’ll be a walking xylophone!


    Not the arthritis though, that’s not excellent.

    I’ve emailed an idea to you about motivation… Well, it might just work…

  2. The Boy

    Oh Z. It is, at the least, a good thing to know you can put the alcohol aside. I do this everyso often just to prove to myself I can.

    Oddly enough arthritis is not actually an old person’s disease. That is pure perception. My poor niece had it hit at the tender age of 5. Hasn’t stopped her, we’re stern stuff in our family. She still did ballet and football. Then she’d cry through the night in pain.

    At least it wasn’t gout! I’ve got a BIL with that and he had to give up red wine! The horror!

  3. Dandelion

    dear z, the boy is right. I’ve got arthritis too, albeit mine is fairly mild and stable, so nothing to write home about really. Have had it since my 20s.

    Here’s to your getting pissed – hope you have a jolly evening to make up for the drear.

  4. Z

    You are sweet, but I have old-age arthritis. I have friends too who have had it from an early age and it’s like diabetes, there’s more than one type. I have entered my latter years.

    Boy, of course I can put alcohol aside. I didn’t doubt it, did you? Gout, oh lord, that’d be awful.

    Sorry to hear it, Dan, and I promise not to moan.

    BD, you’re on. But just because it’s you 🙂

  5. Duck

    You don’t have OCD as well do you? Because Mr Angry is looking for a big-boobed woman with OCD and so far everyone’s a bit on the small side.

  6. Z

    Hello Duck, thanks for dropping in – sure, I could develop OCD for someone as hot as Angry. D’you think he’d mind someone of an age to be his mother?

  7. Blue Witch

    Did you lie about the amount you drink? 😉

    Red wine is good for memory. And arthritis. Loads of research showing both.

    Did he suggest blood tests and a DEXA scan given the diagnosis? And a referral to a rheumatologist? So that you know exactly what you are dealing with and can make informed choices? Or is the PCT in your area as strapped for cash as they are round here…

    Plenty you can do without resorting to drugs (unless you want to, of course). Good luck.

  8. Z

    He offered further tests, BW and I said no. I was pretty sure what he’d say (though wistful that he wouldn’t) and I’m perfectly happy with his diagnosis and advice.

    He knows my disinclination to take any drugs unless really necessary and understands that I am a bit twitchy about visiting the surgery at all, never mind a specialist. We get on fine and respect each other.

    I’m maybe too much of a fatalist, but I’d rather accept a situation and cope with it. It’s not a big deal, just osteoarthritis. My grandfather had it too, very badly. I assumed it was stunt horseriding and four years in the 1st WW trenches, but maybe he’d have had it anyway and I’ve inherited it along with his clarinet.

  9. Z

    Oh, and I didn’t lie – doctors have more sense than pundits who admit that a figure was plucked out of the air decades ago, but still stand by it.

  10. Blue Witch

    I share your feelings re taking pharmaceuticals.

    I was only thinking that a DEXA scan would show up your current level of bone loss (osteoporosis + osteoarthritis go hand in hand and = lots of hospital visits/nasty operations later, if it’s not properly managed now).

    Perfectly painless procedure, involves laying on a table, fully clothed, while a radiographer takes a couple of films. 5 minute jobby.

    If your PCT won’t fund them for someone your age (ours won’t, even if you’re in an at-risk group – unless you are also a drug user, anorexic or certain ethnic groups – don’t get me started…), you can get DEXA scans done privately, on demand – about £120, and they will talk you through what they’re finding.

    Even if you don’t want to go this route, dare I suggest that you up your calcium intake? (either via milk/milk products or calcium tablets). Huuuge quantities of research show that it make s a big difference to how your bones are down the line.

    Sorry… I know a bit too much about this subject following recent developments…

  11. Z

    Thank you – it occurred to me this morning (as I was lying in bed, disinclined to get up) that I should take calcium tablets as I don’t now have much at all in my diet, having cut out cheese. I don’t drink milk or take it in tea or coffee anyway.

    I take your other point too, but I don’t think there’s a great rush. I’ll talk to the doctor when I go back in the new year. He is most insistent that I don’t lose weight too quickly and that I eat a healthy diet.

  12. luckyzmom

    Having osteoarthritis myself I wholeheartedly recommend glucosamine + chondroitin. Several studies in Europe and the US have shown “glucosamine & chondroitin can safely alleviate pain from osteoarthritis-the wear and tear kind of arthritis”. The number one help for it though, is weight loss, which I am battling for a recent diagnosis of GERD.

  13. Z

    I asked the doctor about glucosamine + chondroitin and he says it’s more useful for knees than hips. I’ve got a bottle somewhere, from where I tried and failed to get into the way of taking them a while ago.


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