Z considers offering guest posting

I’ve finally sent off the minutes of last Friday week’s meeting to the committee to be okayed.  Shockingly late, I agree.  I took the precaution of sending them to the whole committee, as the last ones I sent just to the chairman, he never replied to and I was left waiting, not knowing if it was all right to send them out.

The Sage swept the chimney, so we’ve a fire tonight.  I’ve still got the computer in the kitchen at present though – as I was in the middle of a job with all the papers around me, I didn’t want to have to move everything.  The Sage couldn’t get the rods all the way up, there was some sort of barrier.  He has a horrible notion that the stainless steel lining has become damaged and the brush has gone between it and the brickwork.  If that’s so, it’ll be a big job to have it repaired, I don’t know how they’ll ever get it out again.

My car is being MOTd this week – a small job to be done on it first.  I looked up the mileage from last year and I’ve driven about 5,500 miles since then. That’s the least driving I’ve done in a year ever (since I left school, anyway) and it did include a visit to Wink, 230 miles away.  I don’t think I’ll be able to bring it down much more unless I really curtail my activities – I hardly go to Norwich any more as it is, unfortunately.  When my mother was in good health, we used to go out together regularly but she was always a more enthusiastic shopper than I am.  I may have to entrust the Sage with the job of getting my new car tax disc, though I’ll try to find time to go to the Post Office.  I’ve got to go and buy euros anyway, I could do it all at the same time.  There will be an awful queue on Monday, it being the start of a new month means everyone will have the same job in mind.  Of course, I can renew it online but, apart from the problem I had a couple of years ago when it took three attempts for a disc to arrive (special delivery, in the end), I’d rather the PO had the commission.

We’re not going to have an opportunity to do any more bricklaying this week.  If Dave is doing it on his own (with the Sage as labourer) it will take two more sessions.  I hardly think the weather will be suitable when I get back, so if there’s a chance to go ahead they might as well.  Otherwise it will wait until next year.  If there is a possibility, I’d better give Dave posting rights so that he can take photos and write it up.  I won’t expect him to call you all ‘darling’ and say ‘actually’ all the time.  Although he’s welcome to if he likes.

16 comments on “Z considers offering guest posting

  1. Dave

    I’ve done 5½ thousand miles this last year too (my car’s still at the garage, which is why I’ve not been free to lay bricks the last couple of days). Mind you, apart from visits to you, most weeks my car is only used on a Sunday.

    Oh, and Roses, sweetie, I think what would actually happen is that I’d post the pictures on my blog.

  2. Z

    Dave is, of course, welcome to call anyone he likes “darling”. And I daresay I’ll manage to put in a post or two while I’m away.

    The monthly lunch I go to, I go some miles out of my way to give two people a lift, which adds quite a bit. I rarely use it locally and don’t get out much. All very dull.

    It’s all right, Dave. If you don’t want to, I’ll see if Al has time to write a post.

  3. Z

    The Sage is very capable of doing anything he sets his mind to. And nothing else.

    Good point, Sandy. I wondered why the room was filled with choking smoke ; )

  4. Z

    Hello LZM!

    And hello Anons 1,2 and 3 – or are you all the same? Anon 1, are you saying I’m fat? Anon 2 and Anon 3, hello. If you’re spam you’re not quite so welcome as if you’re just saying slightly odd things, which I like.

  5. Anonymous

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