Z co-hosts a Party

It was a good party today. Our lovely friends Dave and Deb are leaving the village – she is to be ordained next month and is taking up a post in Norwich. Dave is the Fellow whom I’ve often mentioned; my former fellow churchwarden, who I love dearly in a rare and valued friendship. We’ve not seen so much of Deb in the last three years as, during her training, she’s been affiliated with a neighbouring benefice.

I thought we’d have about 40 for lunch, maybe 50, so still erred on the generous side, which was just as well as rather more than that number turned up. No one had mentioned wine, so I brought 8 bottles and someone else brought 1 more – again, just as well, as most of it was drunk, quite a lot by me. The lunch was of the sort dearly beloved by the church; “bring and share” – as hosts, we provided the etceteras; mustard, salad dressing, that sort of thing, as well as our share of food – and we also prepared the rooms. Fortunately, as the weather was lovely, we were able to lay up 3 tables outside which meant there was room to move indoors.

Being devious, I bought plants to decorate the tables, with a view to taking them home afterwards and sticking them in tubs to brighten the place up for my lunch on Tuesday. I’ve also been potting up some tomatoes for Al – the unsold ones are getting leggy and he sold so many plants on Saturday that he hasn’t got much left for tomorrow. He can take in some aubergines, chilli and sweet peppers, tomatoes and a couple more courgette plants.

The Sage is so busy that we’ve had to tell Dave that there’s no time to brick-lay tomorrow. Disappointing, but I know how he feels. He’s very busy on several different things at the moment and he needs to concentrate on completing them. Indeed, there’s something else I need him to help me with (to do with the Village Festival in July) that I’m not even going to mention for a week or so.

Dilly and Al will also need some back-up next month. She is working some extra days and Al will be short-staffed while Eileen is on holiday. It will all get much easier once we’re into July. And positively relaxed at the end of the summer holidays, because Dilly has decided to take a break from teaching for a year or two. Apart from tutoring, which she can do in the evenings.

6 comments on “Z co-hosts a Party

  1. Dave

    Can I just clarify that I’m not the Dave who is leaving, nor am I the person who’s busy with several things and is going to be asked to assist at the Village Festival (I hope – I’m assuming that the ‘he’ mentioned in that paragraph is the Sage, even though my name precedes the first use of the personal pronoun).

  2. Z

    I’ve often mentioned the Fellow and referred once or twice to his name being Dave – I am sure that our friends won’t confuse him with you.

    In the paragraph you refer to, the Sage is the subject from the start and so I think there’s no ambiguity.

    Thank you, however and as always, for making quite sure that no one suffers a moment’s bewilderment.

  3. Dave

    I certainly suffered bewilderment. I thought you were recognising that I was disappointed not to be bricklaying (as I am) and that you were going to rope me into other plans. I had to re-read twice before I concluded you must be speaking of the Sage.

  4. Z

    Oh Dave, I wouldn’t bewilder you for worlds and I’m sorry to disappoint you too. I think the word ‘but’ rather than ‘and’ after disappointing indicates that I’m speaking of the Sage.

    You must have noticed that I ramble on excitedly in spoken as well as written conversation. Sometimes I hardly understand myself. I say ‘conversation’; of course the nature of a blog makes it a monologue.


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