Z chuckles

I do apologise for three posts in one day, especially before 2 pm, but do go to ebay.co.uk and search for Real Snowman. Scroll down for full description of Thor the Snowman, and also for questions & answers.

It’s the first one on the page, the only actual snowman. All the others are models and costumes. There are several pages of q&a, which are very amusing.

Thanks, Dilly, for telling me about it.

9 comments on “Z chuckles

  1. Dave

    If you Thor the Snowman won’t you just end up with a puddle? I suppose if I go to the site that’s just what I’ll find. Haven’t got time at the moment.

  2. Dave

    Oh, I’ve found it now, it’s the first snowman on the list. You only discover it’s Thor when you click on for a full description.

    Are you trying to waste my valuable time?

  3. Z

    Well, Dave, I thought that clicking on the actual snowman, not the model or the costume, was too obvious to mention.

    We’re bloggers. We blog every day. That alone demonstrates that we’ve time on our hands.

  4. Z

    No, the real snowman, first on the list. Assuming it’s still there, of course. I’m in bed, on the phone, can’t quite bear to log in to eBay right now.


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