Z chose a Mac – well you knew I would

So, the Sage thinks it’s so good that he came along with a wad of cash in his pocket (no vulgar comments, please, darlings; he’s always pleased to see me), Ro thinks I am a slave to style and Al thinks it’s a poser’s dream come true. I am happy. I have decided to treat my new Mac as a portable and so am now sitting comfortably on the sofa rather than in the office, with the computer – I don’t say screen because the screen is the computer) several feet away as it’s so large that my little brain is overwhelmed at the armslength distance that I usually use. I will probably use my cordless mouse; this one is fine but I like the cordless one, but I haven’t decided yet about the keyboard. This is small but comfortable to use and I may keep the other in reserve in case I spill my wine – which is not a euphemism – but I have found that I sometimes type the wrong number because it’s slightly cramped and they aren’t where I think they will be.

I went to school today for a music lesson in a class I haven’t visited before. Each Year 9 class has quite a different character. This contains the humorous lot. “Had a good day, so far?” asked the teacher with a good nature. Various murmurings, including “I look forward so much to Mondays, because I get to go to school.” One boy had arrived this morning, but had to go home “He was as white as a ginger bloke can be”, commented a lad, who was a ginger himself, so can’t be accused of gingism – okay, maybe you had to have heard this one, but it was funny.

The group I stayed with was musical and enthusiastic, but there was something of a clash of personalities. After the lesson, I explained to the teacher what the background to the lack of co-operation was. “At least”, I said silver-liningly, “they were disagreeing about the music; it wasn’t personal.” A Year 13 student, who had come in to speak to the teacher, chortled, not unsympathetically.

I should be working Right Now. But hey, I’ve said hello to hardly anyone for the past three weeks. I must have hundreds of RSS feeds waving at me for my attention. I’ll spend the rest of the evening catching up with you all. May not leave too many comments for a while though, and if not, excuse me please – so much to do, even if there is, in the long run, plenty of time.

That reminds me, I’m not going to the meeting in Liverpool next month – I’ll ring up Head Office tomorrow and tell them not to expect me. I haven’t got time. What a loss to Z’s range of life experience.

10 comments on “Z chose a Mac – well you knew I would

  1. badgerdaddy

    I was thinking today, of one of the things Macs genuinely do better than PCs – stability and security. Two great reasons to stick with tyhe old apple!

    All being well, I’ll have a new Mac myself in the next few weeks – I think my laptop has done quite well enough and should – in a good way – be relegated to a travel-only machine. I’ve been working on it every day for the last three years and it’s not let me down (in a serious sense) once, just whinnyed a bit. Then I just shut down for an hour, and come back and it’s fine.

    Job’s a good ‘un.

  2. LizSara

    Boo, i want a Mac too and you should come to Liverpool it’s lovely (especially today with the blue sky and sunshine and just the right temperature thing)

  3. Z

    I’d always have agreed, Badge, until the last machine packed in after a mere four years, when I still thought of it as almost new.

    I’m still at the happy stage of gazing at it and not getting much work done. MInd you, lots to do in the garden at present, so I’ll probably do most of the office work in the evenings this week.

    Lizsara, I wanted to come to Liverpool and spend a couple of extra days, but then that week filled up and I was resigned to driving up the night before and returning the morning after the all-day meeting. Then two meetings came up on the day if the meeting itself. It’s the only really busy week I have in May, too.

  4. Z

    No, Pat, but the entire computer is contained within the screen and there is no separate tower. It’s heavy, but only one item, plus the keyboard and mouse, so simple to move.


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