Z cheers up with the Great Dane

I mean, how can I help it?

I bought a CD of his monologues in a charity shop when I was staying with Wink. A good buy, even better with video.

7 comments on “Z cheers up with the Great Dane

  1. Z

    I did, Dave, but I didn’t want to assume that everyone would remember everything I’ve written, nor even that they have read it. I knew you would, though.

  2. Christopher

    I went to see Victor Borge once in Inverness. I think I was the only person in the audience who found him funny. It’s enormously embarrassing, being the only one to laugh in these circumstances.

  3. Z

    It’s come 250 miles in my possession.

    You’re at the Edinburgh Festival, Rog? Should I have known that?

    I’ve been in the situation of being the only one not to laugh, which is almost as bad, Chris. Once Weeza was at the cinema, rather an arty one in Islington and there was a comedy which left the audience po-faced except her. The more she laughed, the more they tightened their lips which made her laugh the more. She nearly fell off her seat. Her boyfriend loved it and told us about it with delight.


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