Z Casts her Die

… I can never remember – is snake eyes good or bad? I think I’ll stick to poker in future. You know where you are with poker.

Anyway, I have. I’ve emailed the Rector offering – offering, no less, such a twerp and a jackass I am – to carry on as churchwarden for another year. No, I don’t know why. That is, I know the reasons and I explained them, but why I had a compulsion to do it right now, or at all without some serious grovelling by various good people, I can’t imagine. You can never say that I play hard to get. Round-heeled isn’t in it.

Anyway, she rang back within minutes – the Rector evidently spends her Sunday evenings, when not conducting a service, at the computer as I do. And said she has been praying that I’d make this decision. Oh thanks. That’s all I needed. An answer to a prayer. No, really, I’m not too good with all this religious stuff, which is probably the reason the deity, whatever it is, and I are on quite good terms. My God is a mildly cynical god, in a most loving and accepting way – actually, I’ve just thought of this, think of Cosi Fan Tutte. Mozart’s clear-sighted knowledge and acceptance of human frailty is … bugger. Sorry. It may be a Sunday but I’m not doing religion for anyone.

Afterwards, I rang the Fellow (on another subject) and told him – and also said that I had yet to break it to the Sage. Who was in the room but, for he is a polite Sage and doesn’t listen to phone calls unless they are his, not really listening. So let me tell him gently, in my own time. After all, the Rubicon is crossed and the bridges burned (I’m not sure that the one followed the other, but they sort of fit, if not actually historically) and he will be fine. He may not even notice.

18 comments on “Z Casts her Die

  1. luckyzmom

    Snake eyes are “craps”. As is 3 and 12. And whether or not they are good depends on when they are rolled.

    Are you saying that you put out the welcome mat? In any event it is a compliment to be an answer to prayer. It indicates to me that you have been doing a terrific job. And as badgerdaddy recently said to me,”the adventure begins again”.

  2. Z

    You have completely confused me. I think we are divided by a common language here.

    I have the knack of giving people confidence in my abilities. It is based on a complete fallacy.

  3. Dandelion

    I think it depends what the name snake eyes actually represents in terms of a dice-roll. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was crap.

    I’d stick to rummy or whist, quite frankly.

  4. luckyzmom

    In the game of chance called a craps game there is a pair of dice. When the dice are rolled and a pair of ones(two total) turn up, it is called snake eyes. It is not usually a good thing.

  5. Dave

    I’ve deleted my last two comments, because they appear rude in black and white, where no-one can see the smile on my lips.

    I’ve woken up with a headache, after a bad night’s sleep (too many mince pie and sausage rolls after the evening service) and seem a bit grumpy.

  6. Z

    Right. Well, shall I stay with Caesar and one die or craps and go with dice? Since they aren’t at all relevant anyway, let it stand.

    Dave, darling, I always take your comments with a smile on my lips. Those weren’t even that rude – and accurate as always. I know what you mean though, and it’s not uncommon for me to post an apology after a casual comment looked more abrupt in print than I’d intended.

  7. PI

    One of the differences between the sexes is that men don’t listen to telephone conversations but I suggest the reason is more to do with the fact that they don’t listen period -rather than politeness.

  8. Z

    Pat, it’s true and you’re right. I was being charitable.

    Just occurred to me, I only cast one metaphorical die. The reference to snake eyes was an aside.

  9. dharmabum

    well, in a way, yes. i am particularly fond of grumpy middle aged(didn’t wanna say old!) women – they’re quite adorable. sometimes, i’ve had to spend hours listening to my mother, but in retrospect, it has always been a pleasure.

  10. Z

    I’m impressed, and will consult you further before I start my gambling career, particularly if the ‘lucky’ in your name refers to your fortune at shooting craps (is that the right expression?)

    Dharmabum, you are completely charming and a delight to read.


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