Z canoodles with a Man!!(!)

I went to the Sage and gave him a lingering kiss. “Thank you!” he said. “You don’t say thank you for a snog,” I reminded him. “Ah” he remembered, “Ro is away.” “Yup. That’s why I’m snogging you in the kitchen” I explained.

Ro has gone to the latitude festival. That means it’ll probably rain most of the weekend. I had a chat with him last night. “You will go and watch Okkervil River, won’t you?” I reminded him (that’s them, right next to Blondie on the right side of the line up page – on the link, darlings, not this page. “Yes, I will, if I can” he replied patiently. “If there’s a signing tent, you’ve got to queue up,” I insisted. “Er” he said. “No, you must. Tell them your mother is a fan. They’ll be mortified, but it’ll be worth it to see their faces.”

The Aga is to be serviced tomorrow, so we’ll turn it off tonight. “Will you be in?” asked the Sage. I said I would. Noon is about the time he’ll be going to see our Antiques Roadshow chum, who will be on his way back to Stansted. They’ve been filming this week at Oxburgh Hall. Chris, our chum, was a bit put out today. Someone brought in a rather impressive L’toft egg cup which is pretty valuable, but he didn’t know that. He thought it was Caughley (another factory of the same period, but not as good) and so was very pleased to hear the news. What annoyed Chris, however, was that he was unwilling to be filmed. Apparently, he’s an antique dealer and he’d bought the egg cup for £1 from someone living in the same village. Since he must have known it was worth considerably more, he came along to the Roadshow for a free valuation without the trade-off of being filmed if it was interesting. Anyway, I’m sorry to miss seeing Chris, who is a good chum, but it’ll save him three quarters of an hour’s driving if the Sage goes and meets him in a village by the main road rather than making him call here – though, being a polite and friendly sort of chappie, he would do that for the pleasure of seeing one or both of us. He lives several hundred miles away, so we don’t meet often.

9 comments on “Z canoodles with a Man!!(!)

  1. Gordie

    I get quite a thrill from reading a line-up full of bands I have never heard. There’s a lot that I have, mind, and I’m sure there’ll be a plentiful supply of Adnams if there’s ever a dull moment.

    I should have guessed you would be a fan of Texans who read Russian literature. I’m listerning on their website now.

  2. Z

    Predictable, that’s what I am, Gordie.

    I promise that the Sage and I won’t embarrass you when you come and see us, Dave.

  3. Blue Witch

    Mr BW is now fully skilled in servicing oil Agas. It really isn’t difficult and how they get away with charging what they do, I have no idea. Oh, wait, yes I do…

    Mr BW was trained by the top man round here who spends his days doing the job for the official distributor. And owns a relative of Mi1dred. Which is how we met him.

  4. PI

    Thanks for reminding me about the Aga. I reminded MTL and he reminded me that we had it done in June. Ooops – I tend to make myself scarce when he comes because he likes to talk men talk – but we’ve yet to get the boiler done apparently.

  5. Z

    We have an independent chap, who used to work for Aga. Yes, it’s expensive but both of us have got too much to do already. After all, when you consider the running costs of an Aga, the servicing is the least of it!

    At least we haven’t got a boiler too, as we haven’t graduated to central heating. Hardy sorts we are.

  6. Dave

    Thank you. Can’t be doing with canoodling, you know.

    Although my brother has just taken early retirement and is now building canoes. If only I lived on the Broads, I would get him to build me one, with built-in armchair, specifically for canoe-oodling.

  7. mike

    Z, have you heard anything by Shearwater? They’re kind of an Okkervil River side project, and their new album Rook is really awfully good.

  8. Z

    Darling Dave, I do recommend a good canoodle, though canoodling in a canoe has hazards of its own.

    Mike, how lovely to hear from you – and helpful as ever. I will certainly check them out. Hell, I’ll buy it. A recommendation from you is never to be ignored. I appreciated being told of Kevin Ayers’ CD and I often listen to it.


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