Z buys a bike!!(!)

I do not hang about, once a decision is made. Having broken the news of my intentions to Ro and the Sage last night, I went and accosted Matthew in his shop this morning. He started asking me helpful questions to narrow down the sort of machine I wanted, and I had to explain that I didn’t care much, my main requirements being something that could carry shopping as I don’t intend to go for bike rides for fun. “I hate cycling,” I explained, helpfully.

He found one serviceable-looking machine for me, but noticed that it only comes in a 20″ frame (whatever that means). He showed me a similarly-sized bike in the stock. We agreed that I would not be able to ride it. He had a second suggestion, but it cost rather a lot more. So, of course, I ordered it at once. Here it is. It should be in by about Thursday.

I do not intend to look up online prices as that’s not relevant to me and I’d rather not know. I may want after-sales service and I’m willing to pay to keep local shops going. And I won’t ask for a discount either – his in-laws are friends of mine! His pricing is pretty keen anyway and he usually offers a discount if he’s able.

My reasoning is that this is the only bike I’ll ever buy, so it has to be good enough. And having spent actual Hard Cash (for I will, so no credit card charges for him), I will want to get my money’s worth, which will be an incentive to actually use the bloody thing. Honestly, I hate cycling.

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  1. Dave

    When I moved here I bough a bag that fits on the handlebars of my bike, with a transparent map case on top, into which I inserted a street map for this town. My intention being to cycle around doing my visits.

    I haven’t used it once, in 4 years.

  2. The Boy

    That is a good serviceable town bike. If you have any dutch friends they will approve.

    Still, its cycling. I think a bit of bloody mindedness is definately in order.

  3. Z

    Serviceable is what I want. I’m not interested in recreation. And yes, it’s shiny! I haven’t had a new bike since I was about 13 (and that might have been my sister’s, I can’t remember), so I might as well have shiny new.

    I’m completely with you, Dave. The thing is, travelling by bike is often not an efficient use of time and it’s easy for time constraints to make you *have* to use the car.

  4. badgerdaddy

    Looks like a solid bike to me. ‘V’ brakes too – they pretty much saved my legs one day in Exeter, I only clipped the back of the car and didn’t break anything thanks to them.

    My only worry would be the hill into Yagnub from your end. That is a horrible little hill even with 18 gears, never mind 3. Also, traffic can be a pain there, as you have to swing out a bit into the road to see if anything’s coming – you’d be as well to walk the bike up there with that in mind.

    Oh, and he’s got some great lights that fella, really good stuff. Make sure you get some decent lights, and get into the habit of taking them off the bike when you go into shops etc. Most modern ones have a quick-release so you can get them off easily and put them back in the same place.

    And one final thing… If you chain the bike up, chain it with the back wheel, not the front. The front wheel has a quick-release hub on it, and you might come back to find only the front wheel attached to the lamppost!

    Enough of my Guide to Yagnub Cycling.

  5. Z

    Absolutely, Badge. I am very wary round cars in any case and have already resolved to get off and walk over the bridge, and then to turn down the lane to the castle and get into town that way.

    When I used to ride El’s bike, I was always in the wrong bloody gear. Ro thinks I’m peculiar, but 3 are enough for me. And thanks for the rest of the excellent advice. I waved an airy hand and told him to get everything I’ll need.

    The Sage, of course, is being most encouraging and kind. I suspect, when the time comes, he will insist on paying, because he is slightly over-protective!

  6. martina

    Z-the bicycle looks very nice. Are you going to name it? Who knows, maybe after a bit you might actually enjoy cycling.

  7. Arabella

    Well good luck to you. Does it come with a bell? I’ve always thought that ringing the bell is the fun part of riding a bike. (I can’t ride a bike; when I tried, repeatedly, at age thirty-something, it was much too late).

  8. Z

    I think that a bell, like lights and a basket (oh yes, I’ll have a basket) is an Extra. I think I might get one for Christmas. I’m a bit worried about the cycling paraphernalia I might receive for Christmas. They won’t get me Lycra, even as a joke.

  9. martin

    It had to be the ‘Knightsbridge’nothing else would be fit for Z. Will you wear a helmet ?. I love cycling,I was just saying to Wendy that I must start my daily ride again. You may start to like it.It is like a bug. Good luck with it.

  10. Z

    There are bugs and bugs, Martin. Like a ladybird or a flea, for instance.

    I don’t think I can bring myself to wear a helmet. Why are they so uniformly ghastly, when a horserider’s hard hat isn’t? Yes, I know I should. Yes, I also think it should be compulsory. I do not, btw, intend to ride in town at all. I am too scared. I am also scared of the dear little winding country roads round here, where drivers belt along not expecting to meet anything. I will ride the gentle mile or so into town and then stop and walk.


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