Z burns and crashes in the bath

If any of you ever forgets your password or log-in, do email me (address on the sidebar) because i can reset it and you’ll be sent a link.  Having not had any trouble for ages, I was all ready to turn off the need to log in, but in the last week or so I’ve had a huge spate of spam log-ins – they don’t get further than that and attempt to comment or leave a link, so there’s no point to it, but it puts me off lowering my guard.  I’m very sorry though, I know it’s a nuisance.

We’re still turning out, day 2 on the big workshop.  The second skip is now full and I must phone in the morning to have it taken away.  We’ve also had a big bonfire going all day.

The other big event has been that Dave the Wall has been busy again, this time mending the wall at the end of the drive that was damaged by an oil tanker some years ago.  This place is looking better than it has for years, it’s such a sad irony that I’m getting it all in good shape so that I can sell it.

Ro and Dora came to stay last night, which is why I didn’t write.  After a day’s hard manual work followed by paperwork, I’m tired out and can hardly wait to go to bed.  I went for a long soak in the bath earlier and actually fell asleep.  Unhappy as I am to admit it, I woke myself after a few minutes by snoring.  As far as I know, I don’t normally do that, but how would I know?

7 comments on “Z burns and crashes in the bath

    1. Z Post author

      I would like to have some in the future, but I have far too many – some of them are pretty old and I won’t replace any that die.

  1. Lilian

    Hello …

    Through the blog of Irene, ‘The Green Stone Woman’ I ended up on your blog.
    I saw that Irene no longer be reached through her blog.

    I have a very long time with Irene therapy followed by Mondrian (Vijverdal) in Maastricht and so would like to know how it goes with her, but I did not have her facebook address.
    Would I received from you … I would be super happy about it because I saw’ve read that Irene is very ill and would really like to know how she’s doing.


    1. Z Post author

      Hello Lilian, it so happens that I had an email from Irene today, so when I reply I will let her know that you asked about her. I’ll send you her Facebook account link, I’m sure she will be very happy to hear from you. Thank you for making contact.

  2. allotmentqueen

    Fortunately, I only have to put in ‘A’ and the magic of the computer world remembers the rest. At first I thought you were offering to reset any of my passwords (the one for my doctors would be useful). It conjured up the image of someone who could reset any password via a combination of computer savvy and crystal ball.


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