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I had to get up betimes for the early service, at which I was sidesman.  I greeted the couple who came in at two minutes to eight cheerily.  “Good morning, how lovely to see you.  And you’re doubling our congregation!”

Well, it was frosty and cold and we weren’t all that surprised, but at least it was worth turning on the heaters.

This afternoon, the Sage (who had to go out) lit the fire for me and I started to sort out all those photographs that I wrote about a few weeks ago.  It was a bit dispiriting.  There are so many of them.  The early ones are fine, there aren’t that many – I’m putting some in an album and those that are too big are going in folders marked with people’s names – but there are loads of more recent ones.  I’ve written on the back of some pictures, where I think that in future my children won’t be able to identify someone or will wonder when they were taken.

I did find some interesting papers, and will write about that later.  What I do need to deal with are letters written to my great-great-great grandfather when he was MP for Southwark.  I also found some more info about him and his parents and grandparents, which I’d never known before.  I’m not actually very into genealogy – am I the only person in the world who doesn’t much care where I came from? – but it’ll be a starting point for any of my children or grandchildren who might want to take it further at some time.

Anyway, a pleasant afternoon sitting on the hearthrug browsing, with Doctor No on the television.  I should do this sort of thing more often.  Very restful and pleasant.

9 comments on “Z browses

  1. mig

    It’s quite a task. What a good idea to write identification on the backs of photos. Barney was quite interested in his family history at one time and we found a lot of photos that were tantalisingly familiar and no one around to tell us who they were.

  2. Macy

    Organising photos defeats me everytime. For the past six years, I’ve felt guilty everytime I dust the albums W gave me to put my photos in.

  3. Pat

    I had things fairly well organised with albums until I started scanning them and then didn’t put them back. At least most are on my computer in glorious disarray.

  4. Z

    Yes I have and I will, Georgie, but some of them have faded a bit or the paper has darkened, and they will be very difficult to read.

    It’s really not my thing, but I agree about the tantalising frustration at not being able to quite place someone. Now, I just load photos on the computer and never bother to throw out the bad ones or label the good. It’ll never get sorted out!

    I’m interested in my forebears as people (or possibly bears), John. If I can’t find out something about what they were like, I’m not too bothered.


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