Z blows out the candles

Today, dear readers, is the seventh anniversary of this blog.  I usually ignore this date, but it seems to hold some sort of significance this time round, though I haven’t tried to work out why.  Maybe it simply seems a long time in a way that six years didn’t – I like odd numbers, perhaps that’s it.  I was terribly tempted to call this post The Seven Year Bitch but, since that would be singularly out of kilter with the way I write – this is a happy place, darlings, nine times out of ten (I do hope there are no statisticians out there: this is a figure of speech not a counted-up accurate figure) and I learned from a friend’s mistake years ago and rarely if ever (hah! Statisticians, hah! What you going to do with that, then?) bitch about anyone.  Indeed, sometimes I have a rant, and then delete it.  There’s a lot to be said for politeness – I’ll have to think of something else instead.
This weekend, Elle and I went to London.  I have a new tenant moving in on Monday and the problem of water dripping through the kitchen ceiling from the balcony has finally been solved – this was proved during heavy rain last night – and part of the ceiling was replastered.  I needed to paint the kitchen ceiling and re-seal around the bath, as the seal had become discoloured and mould had crept underneath.  However, as the new tenant wanted to move in ASAP, she didn’t mind that I didn’t have time to repaint (nor could I afford the jaw-dropping quote to get it done), so Elle and I could afford to take Saturday off.  We walked a lot though, worked hard today and we’re both pretty tired.  We’ve had a great time and I’ll miss her so much when she leaves – I know I go on about this a lot, but it’s only three more weeks and she’ll spend the next week with a friend, so I feel her slipping away already. 
I’m always the same, though, I worry and fret in advance.  Some amount of missing her, that I feel so keenly now, I won’t have to go through again – well, so I try to convince myself, but actually I don’t believe it’s true in this instance.  However, what I do have is a jolly busy fortnight coming up so I have to apologise again for visiting you and posting spasmodically.  After the middle of February, things should return to normal.

13 comments on “Z blows out the candles

  1. Tim

    Normal?? I do hope not. As it happens, I was discussing ‘normal’ with a friend this morning, and we agreed it’s the last thing we want to be …! (We didn’t mean that in any ‘orientation’ sense, btw.)

  2. Mike and Ann

    Dear Z. You’ve very obviously made a friend there (Elle that is), and that’s always good. The more especially so as she is a generation younger than you. As we get older we realise how important it is that we have friends of all ages.
    She’ll be back.

  3. janerowena

    I think anything over five years for a blog is nothing short of miraculous – but then, until I read one of your 2011 posts I had assumed that you were writing it as a diary, and on the whole, once a diary writer always a diary writer, with just the odd break. I get very worried when blogs suddenly end with no explanation, I feel I should be rushing over to find out if there is a problem, and can I help?

  4. luckyzmom

    Happy to be using our new computer for the first time on your blog anniversary day. It is faster, clearer, brighter,sharper…but it is a change and it takes me awhile to adjust. Elle leaving will be a change for you, but I think you adjust much more quickly than I.

  5. Z

    I’m normal, you’re normal – heck, everyone who comments on this blog is normal. It’s the rest of them who are weird. Innit?


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