Z bites the bullet –

… which always sounds quite painful on the teeth.  Anyway, I’ve ordered a skip for Thursday and it will be very good to get rid of the rest of the rubbish.

When you say you’ve got a skip, people always assume that you’re going to dump in it things that are actually potentially wonderful and worth having and they want to rummage through it.  This isn’t the case with me.  That is, I do have some washbasins that we had removed from various places in the house back in 1985 and I assumed had been removed from the premises at the time – they are still intact washbasins, in pink and green and yellow, but we’ve not used them in 30 years and I doubt anyone wants them now.  If you do, please let me know by Thursday morning and pick them up by Saturday, because I will have pleasure in getting them out of the barn, one way or another.

Young Zain cat was nowhere to be seen over the weekend, or not by me.  I wasn’t bothered on Saturday but, by Sunday evening, I was a bit concerned.  It wasn’t like him to miss four meals.  Any of them might not turn up to be fed, but he’s normally the friendliest and the most present.  So at breakfast, we were planning to open up every barn and garage in case he’d got locked in – of course, there he was when I went out.  I’m such a sucker.  Roses says that he’s been frolicking on the field behind her house all weekend, he wasn’t absent in the least and had clearly been feeding himself.

The other thing we have done is set up the propagator in the greenhouse and started sowing seeds there.  It’s always a sign of hope, don’t you think?

3 comments on “Z bites the bullet –

  1. Kipper

    My neighborhood has a salvage place that will come and take away reusable sinks, doors, bricks etc. and resells them in their retail space. If there is a business near you like this, you might see if they are interested. Or maybe list for free on Craigslist.

  2. Z Post author

    My mother in law went in for really unattractive colours. I loved her dearly but her washbasins were not good. I suspect that Russell kept them, thinking that early 1960s colours would be bound to be fashionable again sooner or later, but it hasn’t happened yet. There are salvage places but not for this sort of thing, I’m afraid – though I know the skip hire people go through the contents to sort them out and, if there’s anything of any use, they recycle it.


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