Z approaches the evening

I spent the afternoon and evening making marmalade. Three batches, twenty-one pots. I feel quite steamy, yet tired. What a pity I don’t like early nights. The thought of a lazy hour or two reading in bed sounds so good, yet never works for me. Lying uncomfortably on one side, one eye closed to keep the book in focus, or else on my back, bearing the weight of a hefty hardback in my chilly fingers – neither quite works.

Nor does going to sleep. Two hours early to bed means nervous wakefulness by 3 am. Too early to get up, but sufficiently rested to be unable to doze off again until a glance at the clock tells me it is not absurdly early to start the day. That sends me off all right. Into a heavy and dreamless slumber, until woken by Radio 4 into bleariness that lasts the whole morning.

No. I will rouse myself and enter into bright and witty conversation with my husband. Heh heh. Poor man. He’s probably just winding down for the evening. He hasn’t a chance…

8 comments on “Z approaches the evening

  1. nartina

    and the light is too dim and the pillows never floof just right and then the cat decides to land right on the magazine.

  2. Wendz

    Someone should invent a bookholder for bedtime reading..and a way to turn the pages without pulling your hand out from under the duvet.

    Did you shock the Sage awake then? Blast him into newfound life?

  3. Z

    I’m not alone!

    He chatted in a friendly sort of way, Wendz, not too noticeably eyeing the newspaper longingly. Later in bed, he put his arm round me. “Hrrm” I said, friendlily, before instantly falling into a deep and weary sleep.

  4. PI

    I think you are either an owl or alark. I have always been an owl but am becoming larkish also and was up at 5.30am today. However most day I have a half hour kip on the sofa after lunch.

  5. Z

    I’m an owl too. I am bright and jolly in the evening. I love the chance for an afternoon nap, I think everyone should have them. I’m very glad to see this in yesterday’s paper.


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