Z anticipitates

Back in Norfolk again – Clapham Bleeding Junction around here, darlings.  Though it’s fun, always better to be too busy than to be bored.

Tomorrow morning, up to 40 tonnes of gravel is being delivered.  Eek.  It may be that three lorryloads is enough and I hope it is, it’s tooth-hurtingly expensive.  Still, needs to be done.  We had some about five years ago and it doesn’t go that far, in truth.  But LT and I measured the square meterage and allowed for a couple of inches – being bilingual – but that might be too much depth.

I’d met one couple, of LT’s friends, but not the other although she is a Facebook friend.  A lovely evening as far as I was concerned, I hope it was for them too!  I woke early this morning, about 5.30 (too hot to sleep, my personal thermostat went awry four years ago and seems doomed not to recover) and I got up eventually, then LT did too and we cleaned and tidied and were on the road at about half past nine.  A lot to do this week, quite apart from gravel spreading.  But I look forward to it.  I love getting ready for a party.

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