Z and the Sage plan to go out together

Three meetings, each on a completely different subject, today, as well as meals on wheels and playing the organ for a funeral. It was all spread over 12 hours. I’ve got minutes to write from two of them tomorrow.

The Sage went to view a sale in Norwich. When he showed me the catalogue, I wished I’d been able to go too. I invited myself to go with him to the sale itself, tomorrow. No plans to buy anything, but we’d like to see the auction and besides, the Sage knows the vendor who was a keen buyer of pictures at his own auctions in the past, back in the days when the Sage was a full-time auctioneer, before he chose his tiny specialisation in semi-retirement.

Since we’re going to be in the centre of Norwich, I’d like to spend a bit of time pottering around, but I bet the Sage will be keen to get home again. He’s very purposeful, my husband.

6 comments on “Z and the Sage plan to go out together

  1. luckyzmom

    My husband and I have developed a thing we call, “Drop and Shop.” I drop him at a casino where he can be entertained and have a beer and I go shopping.

  2. Z

    I will, HDWK.

    Splendid, Dave. Well, I think so.

    Actually, LZM, that’s much what we did, except I left the Sage having lunch with friends.


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