Z and the Sage look forward

I’ve spent the weekend looking after the Sage.  Which means feeding him, in truth, because that’s how a lot of men feel cared for.  And let’s face it, to the majority of men, that means pudding.  So he got steamed jam pudding and custard last night and scones for tea today.  And, having just finished a very delicious (sorry, is that boasting?) beef stew, I’ve got some lovely raspberry pavlova ice cream in the freezer.

There’s a bit of judgement about a sweet tooth, don’t you think?  Those who like savoury foods best tend to look down, so often, on those who love sweets.  I think it’s a matter of perceived sophistication, and I haven’t a vast amount of patience with anyone who thinks their taste is better than someone else’s.  Some of my family are glad that I quietly add a little lemonade to their glass of champagne because they think it makes it taste better, and that seems fine with me.

The other thing that people are a bit judgemental about is the lark and owl thing.  It’s a fact that some love to get up early and others are best at night, so like to sleep in.  So?

I wish I was better in the morning, I love the dawn, but I wake up in the evenings, those who see me only during the day don’t see me at my most enthusiastic.  And if given the choice, I’ll choose savoury, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t got a sweet tooth too.  So I’ll sit right on the fence and I like what you like.  I know, what a creep.

Anyway, the other thing I was going to mention was that I said to the Sage last night, shall we have another blog party next year?  And he said he’d like to.  So – well, I hope so, and I hope you can come. I love having made friends through blogging, it’s a completely unexpected benefit.  

11 comments on “Z and the Sage look forward

  1. allotmentqueen

    I’m more concerned about why you have spent the weekend looking after the Sage. Clearly this is more than the usual, so what is it that makes him need looking after? I’m feeling overly concerned about him now.

    Or is it just man flu?

  2. Z

    I know, isn’t it great?

    Adulterade! That’s what I’ll call it from now on. And the fizzy ‘nade goes in whatever we’re drinking, so if it’s good stuff the benefit is that it goes further.

    Nothing amiss, AQ, the Sage is fine, it’s just that we haven’t been out and about this weekend. Well, the truth is, it’s been cold and wet, so it’s been nice to spend longer by the warmth of the Aga.

  3. Pat

    I moan about MTL’s predilection for crumpets, scones, shortbread, fruit pies and cakes galore, not from any snobbish stand point but purely because they are not particularly good for him. Certainly not considering the frequency they are demolished. But what do I know?

  4. Z

    I know, Pat, the Sage is the same. I don’t mind what he eats if I’ve cooked it for him, it’s when he goes out and buys jam tarts and scoffs them, thinking I don’t know!


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