Youth Orchestra of the Americas – again

The other day I wrote about my visit to the concert at Snape to hear Youth Orchestra of the Americas. I suggested that, if any member of the orchestra found my blog that they might say hello – and didn’t expect to hear anything further. But Leslie, one of the flautists, found me and I’m so thrilled. This is her blog.

Thanks again, Leslie.

3 comments on “Youth Orchestra of the Americas – again

  1. Z

    Very exciting, I’m so glad she has been reminded how much the audience enjoyed it.
    If the man with the hands was there, I didn’t see him. I’m going again tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’d know his face, though I’d recognise his hands.

  2. Catie

    Hello there!

    I’m a trombonist from YOA who wandered into your blog whilst attempting to update my own with tour photos. We are all back safe and sound, but I think the whole of our experience is just beginning to hit home. I myself dreamt of Tico-Tico just last night, and am currently translating an email from a Costa Rican colleague with my new Spanish-English Dictionary. If blogger ever does allow me to update, you can catch my photos and recollections at catiesummer.blogspot.


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