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It wasn’t that I had nothing to write, just too much to do.  It’s been a very good couple of days in fact, so I’ll start with yesterday morning.

I left half an hour later than planned because of phone calls and emails that couldn’t wait all day, so whizzed hastily into Jarrolds.  I went to be measured for a new bra.  I knew I’d be a smaller size, but I was surprised by the result – and it just shows that one needs to be fitted by an expert.  And if you never have been, go to a shop with proper fitters, they can do it by eye.  You don’t need to take your clothes off and they don’t actually need to measure you.  I said that I’d last been fitted as 34D but that was now too big and she said I was 32 … DD.  Yes, down a back size, up a cup size.

The thing is, and I did know this, the size of the cup is relative to the size of the back, as the circumference is called.  So a 32E would be quite bosomy but a 40E wouldn’t be at all.  I’d never buy a cheap bra, it never fits well and doesn’t last, whilst a good one keeps its shape (and yours) for ages.  They’re not that expensive, the ones I bought were £27 each, but had 20% off because of the promotion.  I do love nice underwear, not that the Sage would notice but I wear it for myself.

Anyway, after that I popped upstairs for a quick look at beds and sofas, which was quite inconclusive and then, because I had a few minutes in hand, looked at clothes, specifically the 50% or more off rail at a particular make’s petite section.  Because I am, most clothes have arms longer than mine and the waist is too low.  I tried on a skirt, two dresses, a top, a knitted jacket and a tailored bouclé jacket.  I picked out size 10 and thought, but they’re too small.  The top was medium because they didn’t have small … that was the only thing I didn’t buy, because it was far too big.  I had to be very hasty because I only had ten minutes – look, I can do decisive and my speciality is spending money in quick time.  I explained that I had to be somewhere else by 10.55 and two assistants looked after me, one packing and one adding up.

And then I arrived at the theatre just in time to find a seat before the lecture, which was really good, and I’ll tell you about it another day.  Afterwards – I was so efficient, darlings, filled every minute of the day – I met Ro for lunch – it was funny, I steamed along towards his office, gathering up a woman on the way who asked me the way to Tombland – no, I’m not being peculiar, that’s the name of a street in Norwich.  I said if she came with me I’d point her in the right direction.  Then Ro phoned to say he was outside the restaurant and told me which way to go, we knew we were within 50 yards of each other.  When I spotted him, he didn’t see me so we carried on the conversation until we met face to face.  He said he’d heard my voice both through the phone and not (it does carry, loud and clear) so knew I was close.  We had a very nice beef stew: shin that had been gently cooked for hours with onions, red wine and mushroom and probably other things too, and coffee and while I was getting out my wallet he handed over his card to pay.  I was charmed.  One of the many lovely things about having grown up children is that they think it’s normal to take you out for a meal as often as you take them.

After that, I had to hurry back to school for a meeting with the Head and vice-chair, which was very constructive in terms of future planning.  So it was one of those days when I felt I’d achieved quite a lot.   Today’s been good too.  But that’s a post for tomorrow.  

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  1. allotmentqueen

    Gosh, I feel I’ve achieved a lot just reading this – I don’t mean this in a bad way, just well done. It’s good when you get those days when everything slips into place and you feel good at the end of the day. Looking forward to another productive day tomorrow, then.

  2. Mike and Ann

    Very satisfying a well filled day –
    ‘Something attempted -something done- has earned a night’s repose’.
    Not that it always works out like that, I’m afraid. Just at the moment I feel that I’m ‘reposing’ too much.

  3. Z

    More relaxed yesterday, but good fun.

    When I had to rest after having my new hip, Mike, I felt wonderful. It really did me good and set me up for the summer.

  4. janerowena

    I’m amazed by how much you manange to fit into a day. If I try to sort out a day like that, something always goes wrong and timings don’t fit, either mine or other peoples’.

    I don’t get there very often, but I do like Jarrold’s. I didn’t know they were that good at bra-fitting, that’s useful to know.

  5. Mike and Ann

    Ann says for bras she goes to John Lewis to have a fit. I said I only have a fit when I see the price. Ann says that isn’t true – I never go with her for that sort of shopping. That is true.

  6. Z

    Mike, dearest, remember when it happened and how frightening it was for everyone, and that will give you patience. Thank God you’re doing so well that you’re bored.

    I’m lazy and disorganised, but I’m jolly efficient when I put my mind to it. And I always allow some leeway – so leaving late wasn’t a disaster.

    Jarrolds have brought in extra specialist staff for the fortnight, I was fitted there several years ago but I think that person has retired, the department is smaller than it was too. If in doubt, I’d go to John Lewis too. But I do like Jarrolds because it’s still a family firm.

    Nice, Mike! And the Sage wouldn’t come with me either. I showed him my clothes and he actually managed to find something complimentary to say – he is always pleased when I spend money on myself, but he tried very hard and noticed the clothes. Not the bras. He wouldn’t think that was very polite, to notice my underwear.

  7. luckyzmom

    The coincidences keep piling up. I too purchased new bras Wednesday and a half dozen new panties all in smaller sizes. And since they were the only things I was modeling for him, my husband did notice amd complimented me on my new underwear.


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