Writer’s block

I have to write a piece for a newsletter. I’ve been attempting to for a couple of weeks now. How to say boring stuff not boringly in half a page sums it up. I left the work I’ve done for a few days, returned to it, deleted and started again. Not for the first time.
Deadline is on Tuesday. I’m going to a party today and will probably not feel like work when I get home.
Maybe I’ll write better after a few drinks?
No, I tried that last week. That lot got deleted the next day.
I’ve a feeling I should have stuck with the first draft. I wonder what I said that time?

Nothing like a whinge for putting the backbone back in the back (huh? makes some sort of sense I suppose) as I got it done and respectfully sent it round to the rest of the committee for them to say “Pah! Write it again.”
And I finished it after the party furthermore, which was an excellent do, thrown by friends, newly retired, who are selling up their gorgeous home and moving to France. They have bought a flat in Colchester too, which they will let, in case they change their minds and want to return home but the property market here has done another hike.
It turned out that I was the designated driver so I behaved myself.
Didn’t want any dinner, but Al and Dilly were toasting marshmallows on the embers of their barbecue, so I wandered across and shared.
Still got my ‘speech’ – annual review, not a big deal really thank goodness, at least I don’t have to be funny – to sort out for Tuesday but as long as I mention the right things and thank everyone by name and leave no one out, it’ll be fine.

7 comments on “Writer’s block

  1. badgerdaddy

    I can relate to that. I have ‘worker’s block’, but my work unfortunately centres around writing…

    There’s no damping creativity or the urger to write, just the urge to do it in a workular direction.

    Hide something metal for him to find, something cool, then tell him someone lost somehting in a certain area years before… Just make sure it’s something the detector will detect!

  2. Z

    One hopes that any writing, eg blogging, will get the words flowing, but it doesn’t always work. Even a bad first draft gives one something to work on usually.

    There is a rumour of a milk churn full of white fivers, buried in friends’ garden from way back. Unfortunately there’s 7 acres, so it may take him a decade or two to find it.

  3. Z

    Depends on whether they were well packed. If they are in good condition, they are worth lots. If they have fallen apart, a talking point at the friends’ parties I suppose.
    Apparently, the former owner buried them in case of burglars. I think it’s one of those rural myths, but then I’m the cynic and he’s the sage, who knows.

  4. Z

    Hoho, don’t like to think of the state of their lawn by the time he’s finished digging around. They’ll think they have a settful of badgers……


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