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The work being done outside here is progressing, although it looks as if not a lot has happened recently.  Trouble is, there’s a lot to do and none of it gets finished.  So the drive hasn’t been touched for a while, because we are waiting for some electrical work (if we fill in then a trench will have to be dug later), part of the paving has been laid but then, because it’s a good time of year to do it, work has been done on the hedges around the fields and there were some fallen trees and branches to deal with.  I hope that has been done mostly and we can finish the paving, at least.  I’m tired of it looking like a work in progress.  Still, at least ‘progress’ is a good sign.              

The school’s Ofsted report is online now if you want to read it.   We’ve had to call an extra governors’ meeting for this week to wrap up final approval for various academy matters and am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a quorum.  Just another couple of weeks and I can wind right down for the summer.  It will be good.  I rather wish now that I was having a holiday, but there isn’t any time.  I only had a few spare days, and now we’ve arranged a party for one of them – though in fact, it would have been such a rushed break that it wouldn’t really have been a very good idea.  I’d just like to get away completely for a few days, that’s all.

I must spend most of the next few days making cakes and so on, for the festival at the weekend.  The kitchen is too hot for really enjoyable cake-making, but I expect I won’t mind once I get started.  Weeza and Zerlina are going to come and stay for two nights, which will be lovely.  Phil is going to do a bike ride – rather odd, it’s an overnight thing from London to Suffolk.  Dunwich, I think.  I can’t think why one would want to spend the whole night cycling, and I’m not sure how it works out – I think they must be going by bus to London and then be taken back to Norwich again afterwards.

14 comments on “Work in progress

  1. georgie

    You deserve a bottle of champagne! What an excellent review. I don’t recall any of my U.S. schools having this type of review and sending a letter out to students.

  2. allotmentqueen

    Beware – “progress” can take a very long time in my experience.

    “…introduction of a three-period day has resulted in improved punctuality” – does that mean you only have 15 periods a week? Does that work? And were you having problems with punctuality between lessons? I’m sure you know what you’re doing, I’m just curious.

    That’ll be the Dunwich Dynamo. Cycling at night is cooler, and presumably less traffic. I would imagine he’s going via train to London rather than bus. Don’t get many bikes on a bus, but from what I’ve seen with my daughter there’s a lot of bikes going by train these days.

  3. Z

    100 minute lessons, yes it does work. And it’s a very spread-out school that has had a lot of additions over 50 years, a lesson change took at least 5 minutes, it wasn’t deliberate lateness. Now lessons all start promptly after a break.

    Dunwich Dynamo, that’s right. Phil has been commuting by bike plus train ever since he moved from London. Though he often cycles the 45 mile daily commute now.

    It is a very heartening report and a friendly letter. I was so pleased he mentioned a music lesson too.

  4. Z

    Still can’t imagine why they want to do it. Still, good luck, as you say.

    Not with me, Dave. It is with the Sage, but I can’t speak for Norm.

  5. The Boy

    That is an excellent report Zoe. I particularly like the focus on the traditional core accademic subjects, but I am an educational old fogey. Well done.

  6. Z

    We’re genuinely comprehensive, we do the best we can for the most academic as well as the least.

    So, what’s wrong with my cakes that you don’t want them, John?

  7. Christopher

    What an excellent and very gratifying report! I’m proud to be corresponding with someone to whom at least some of that excellence is due. I wonder if there was also a more detailed inspection report? Covering subject areas? I would have liked to know what input from the LEA the inspectors found to be valuable, particularly in e.g. the advisory service. I also wonder – I don’t expect I should, but it’s such a significant factor – how old the Head is? Overall, a very encouraging base for the move to academy status. Well done, Z!

    Mmm…cake. Can I put in for a Victoria sponge with SIGNIFICANT cream and red jam filling?

  8. Z

    No, that is all that is published. Each teacher is given an evaluation of the lesson that has been observed and the Head receives all of those.

    There are some excellent local authority advisors, although fewer now than at the beginning of the year, there has been a huge number of redundancies.

    The Head is the same age as me, just a couple of months younger. He has been here for 5 1/2 years and intends to stay at this school until he retires, whenever that will be. He is superb, he brings out the best in everyone.



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