Blue Witch is marvellous. She searches out things for our education and edification and has come up with this.

Rice is sent to people in third world countries when you play – I’m not sure how long you have to keep going to make a square meal, as it is counted in grains.

You can get up to level fifty – in theory. I couldn’t.

9 comments on “Words

  1. Blue Witch

    Wot dose edification mean pleez miss? 😉

    Clearly the sponsoring companies have set budgets for what they are prepared to give in total, but it’ll be good if we can wipe them out quickly so the aid gets there faster. Assuming it works like that, which is probably far too simplisitc, but…

  2. Z

    I stayed on 47/48 most of the time. I reached 49 once, but I got the answer wrong and couldn’t get there again.

    Precisely 1000 grains, Mike? Oh you are organised. I just stopped when I’d had enough – I think it was around 2100, which shows I’ve got more time to waste than you have.

    Thanks, BW, most entertaining. Are you encouraging me to have another go?

  3. Z

    Some of those words are so obscure – I was helped by a working knowledge of Latin and a bit of Greek, but sometimes I still didn’t have a clue.

  4. Dandelion

    Too frustrating! Can’t get over 49 no matter how I try. Like z I only got there once, and briefly.

    I did 6k by mistake out of bloody-mindedness, then I remembered z said the 50 was only a theory.


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