Woe, woe for England, not a whit for me (Richard III)*

Oh damn. I wrote a lengthy post, with pictures and everything.

And then I did too many things at once and the computer threw a wobbly.

All to do again. If I can be arsed. But you need pictures of my propagator. Don’t you?

*This is entirely irrelevant and may be inaccurate as I haven’t read the play since I was 15.

4 comments on “Woe, woe for England, not a whit for me (Richard III)*

  1. Z

    Badgerdaddy,just for that, you’ll get ’em. Sarcasm is graciously overlooked.

    Wendz – what’s what?

    Maggie – rewriting deathless prose – aaagh! And (ssh) I’ve been drinking


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