With one bound, Z may or may not be free

I have a slight, startled feeling that there might be the start of a pincer movement around me. You may remember, a couple of weeks ago, that I put up the agenda of a meeting, to demonstrate why it wasn’t all going to be discussed and finished in an hour.

We are supposed to change jobs every three years and this is the third year for several of us. However, after last week’s meeting I received an email suggesting I should remain as chairman for an extra year. I replied, pointing to the terms of the constitution, that the job should last no more than three years, ‘except in extraordinary circumstances’ and those didn’t apply. The reply said “but if all are agreed,as we are at the mo…’,” (that I should carry on). This is news to me. No one, until last week, had said anything to me and I though this person was speaking for himself.

Now I don’t know what to say. I can see the sense of it, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s good idea, quite apart from the fact that it isn’t actually allowed.

I’m off now to the church. There is, every year, a sponsored cycle ride on behalf of the Norfolk Churches Trust. Each county holds one, and the money raised is divided between the local Trust and the parish church which each rider designates. I have done a rota of volunteers to go in and greet the cyclists and sign their forms. The bishop has, with a surprising lack of foresight, decided to hold a licensing ceremony for new lay readers today, so we won’t be the only church with people going to that instead of cycling or helping.

After that, I’m going to judge the domestic classes at the gardening club. Then I’ll have to do some shopping for tomorrow’s lunch for the person being licensed. I’m not going to that, as we’ve got a family lunch planned, but I’ve said I’ll sort out the drinks. Unfortunately, it seems that one person will get landed with serving them single-handed, but I’m sure the sweet-natured people of the other parishes will help her.

I’d better find something to take with me to the church, so that I can have some breakfast while I wait for cyclists. It won’t be very busy, as we’re slightly out of the way here and never have more than twenty visitors in the whole day.

2 comments on “With one bound, Z may or may not be free

  1. mike

    A lazy man writes: I like the sound of “it won’t be very busy”. Does this mean that you’ll be able to shoehorn in some relative downtime, while you mooch about at the church waiting for the cyclists?


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