Win-win, it seems

Dilly came through this evening for a chat and to check on arrangements for the next week or two. She’s working part-time for the next school year; her school has just moved to a two-week timetable so she’s doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday one week and Tuesday and Thursday the next. Al is planning to spend a lot more time with the children but some juggling is needed as Squiffany has nursery school three half days per week; it’s too far to walk and only one car seat can be fitted in his van, so I either need to take her or look after Pugsley while Al does. Nothing difficult to arrange, so long as we all know what’s going on.

Dilly had a full timetable today and was quite tired by the end. Since she last worked, Norfolk has gone from a 3-tier system to a 2-tier one and so she was teaching Year 7s for the first time (age 11-12). She taught 2 bottom set groups and she said they were sweet; still of an age to try hard but some of them were really earnest and anxious to do well but found it very hard. The classes were small – a few children were away so she only had 10 in one class and so she is hopeful that she can give them some good individual attention, which should help a lot.

The children were thrilled to see her and made a big fuss of her when she came home. They are also enjoying having their father’s attention so much. Al has been able to arrange more cover for the shop – this could all work very well. Dilly’s parents and we are helping out too and it should be enough for everyone to enjoy and no one to be overburdened by. Dilly will be working very hard mind you, as the children will want every minute of her attention when she’s home. She’s also still doing some individual tuition with a couple of children and she doesn’t want to give that up as they are both making good progress.

She wanted to know what’s happening tomorrow for my birthday. I said that nothing was planned and that I’ve a meeting on at 5 pm. She says she’ll see if Weeza, Phil and Zerlina can come over and she’ll do dinner. I said I’ll leave my meeting early if necessary to be home by 7 o’clock, as then the children can go to bed when they are tired after that. 7 o’clock is usually their bedtime, but they’re always ready for a party.

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