Who do you think was saved?

I went to Norwich for lunch today, so left home an hour early to do a spot of shopping first. I normally avoid the place throughout December, but it had to be done.

As I drove in, the electronic notice boards said there were spaces in all the major car parks, and I drove straight into the park underneath the library – I didn’t have time to walk far. I visited several shops, largely because I couldn’t find all I wanted, and not one of them was busy. Several were almost deserted. I don’t know if this means that people shopped early for Christmas, will shop late or not at all, or if it’s all been bought on the internet, but it really didn’t have the buzz that you expect half way through December.

We were out again tonight, for the Sage’s wood-turning club Christmas dinner. There is a competition, where people bring in the work they have done, and Linda and I went to have a look at the entries. I wasn’t bending over the table, really I wasn’t, and I was modestly dressed, but that didn’t prevent me getting my bottom pinched by a (very) strange (indeed) chap I didn’t know. When I turned round, he indicated another man and said he’d been bet…

Do you know, that’s the third time this has happened to me. I genuinely don’t understand it. I appeal to those of you who have met me – do you think I’m the sort of woman to get her bum pinched? And if I am, in what way do you suggest I change?

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  1. Dave

    I had to go to Norwich by car two weeks ago (usually I take the train) and every single car park was full – eventually I filled up with diesel at Sainsburys and drove out to the park and ride. The city was heaving with people.

    So yes, perhaps we all did our Christmas shopping early.

    As for your final paragraph, I really couldn’t comment.

  2. Steg

    Obviously we haven’t met but might I humbly and respectfully suggest that you might have a nice bum, which proves almost irresistible to a certain type of man when he’s imbibed a little Xmas cheer?

    I trust you fixed him with a withering stare?

  3. The Boy

    I am in no way defending the pinchers, that is an appalling behavior, but yes. You would be seen as a “safe” women to flirt with. Happily married, and warm and friendly. Thus they can take advantage with little chance of retribution. To stop it? Openly, publically and playfully pinch back

  4. Z

    I’m relieved to hear that there may not be a general closing down of Norwich shops after a disastrous December’s trading.

    And ‘no comment’ is more unnerving than anything else, Dave. I didn’t ask you for your own opinion, only a disinterested viewpoint.

    Only problem with retaliating in this case is that the chap was sitting down already. No one has done it twice, it’s random men thinking that I look as if I’d laugh, or at least not either cry or slap them. Which is true, I suppose.

    Tact and charm as ever, Steg and Boy.

  5. Anonymous

    How horribly sexist.

    I can’t imagine anyone round here would ever do such a thing in this day and age in that sort of circumstance (to anyone, not just to an unlikely victim). Or maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine anyone doing it to me!!!!

    How did you react to it?

  6. Anonymous

    Blogger’s given my identity away and I can’t be bothered to code it in any more – although no doubt you can guess who šŸ™

  7. Z

    Maybe I just look really relaxed and as if wouldn’t take it seriously. Which I didn’t – they really didn’t mean to be offensive.

    A withering glance, but in a good-humoured way. Nothing was meant by it and they didn’t say anything suggestive.

    As I said, it must be something about me. It doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  8. badgerdaddy

    Yes, it’s pinchable.

    Perhaps you could just turn round and grab them by the nadgers (remembering to twist the wrist slightly before squeezing) and give a playful giggle and a wink before crushing them.

    It’s a thought.

    I know someone who was stupid enough to slap a girl’s arse as she was riding a bike and he was in a car alongside her. I think your circumstances are pretty good in relative terms.

  9. Z

    Thank you, Badgerdaddy – gosh, that’s embarrassing from someone young enough to be my child.

    It’s how to stop it happening that’s my concern – it’s not likely to happen twice, as it’s random strangers doing it. Though the village pub pincher and his wife (whom he told about it) are regular customers in Al’s shop – though I didn’t know him when it happened.


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