While waiting for potatoes to cook…

Drafting isn’t Me, you know. One has been deleted and the other is getting out of hand and needs shortening drastically. Ho hum. Inconsequential ramblings are much simpler. If I work on it, I get all impassioned and I use too many words.

Al and I are thinking about spring planting. Yes, I know, it’s still January. It’s the greenhouse we’re thinking about – we want to grow early lettuces and suchlike, for the shop. I haven’t got around to it for a couple of years, but it works well if you start early enough as they have been harvested by the time you want to put in cucumbers and tomatoes.

I’ve got seeds from last year that never got sown. Inefficiency reigned. I have put in my main seed order, but still have one catalogue to choose from, mostly pumpkins and chilli peppers. I want to have fun in the garden this year and, thanks to the chickens’ grass-clearing efficiency, I intend to enlarge the veg patch. They have, by the way, been pecking keenly at the globe artichokes and I hope the plants will recover.

Halibut for dinner – I hope it’s not one of the endangered species we aren’t supposed to eat any more. It is so good to eat… I also couldn’t resist some early forced rhubarb and I decided to make pumpkin (still a few home-grown ones) soup. The soup can wait until tomorrow; as I said to Ro, if I start serving three courses, he and his father will up their expectations of me unrealistically. That would never do. I have already promised young Al a day and a half in the shop weekly for a while. I’m concerned that he has been working too hard and so has Dilly – not easy, having two children under two.

Time to cook the halibut. TTFN, as they said. A long time ago.

9 comments on “While waiting for potatoes to cook…

  1. Imperatrix

    I’d be much more efficient with my time if I could draft, but I tried it last year, and the posts just had no life to them. So I said “Pshaw!” to efficiency and have lived with work deadlines put aside to blog first (because, I do the *important* things first).

    …as I said to Ro, if I start serving three courses, he and his father will up their expectations of me unrealistically.

    Hah! That’s why on my nights to cook, I invariably go for one-pot meals. No need to have the family think they should have soup and dessert every night!

  2. Z

    Imperatrix, you are a girl after my own heart. And, I say ‘Pfft’, but “Pshaw’ is BETTER. I’ll try not to, but I may have to copy.

    “On your nights to cook” practically every bloody night is my night to cook. I really like cooking, but the imagination and ingenuity that could be devoted to other things…

  3. Wendz

    Oh I like Pshaw! Will add it to ‘new words learned chez Z’ , like chunder and use ASAP. (Isn’t that just the most hideous acronym. I loathe it.)

    Wellsince you told us what’s for dinner, I’ll tell you mine. Left over roast chicken from yesterday, mixed with the cream sauce I made along with the cooked chook, and fresh, chopped tomatoes..and tagliatelle. It was good.

    I bought a pumpkin on the weekend..I mean I tried to buy it but forgot to weigh it so left it behind – too lazy to go and weigh it and the queue was too long..otherwise a pumpkin soup was on the cards for tomorrow night.

    Waffle. I am waffling.

  4. Z

    Pshaw is supreme. Straight out of PG Woodehouse.

    Your dinner sounds good. We finished off the roast chicken in a stir-fry for lunch. Yes, darling, I cooked lunch. On a Monday. I am THE good wife.

    Waffling? What else is blogging anyway?

  5. jen

    no matter how many times you talk about it, i love hearing about what you cook. it’s like a secret fantasy world i get to visit, and then trot back off to the real world of unimaginative food preparation.

  6. Imperatrix

    Dagnabbit! I’ve tried four times to reply, but blogger keeps cutting me off. Luckily, I got smart and saved what I typed bfore hitting” comment”, so:

    Erm, well, I never have been the only person cooking in the household. When the Consort & I were first married, we lived in a hippie house with three other people, and we rotated through all the chores (kitchen clean, bathroom clean, food shopping, cooking, bread baking…) When we moved off to our own place, we continued the trading off of chores. It prevents the burn-out of which you speak.

  7. PI

    I’m afraid my heart sinks a bit when people give me seeds etc as presents, which is going to involve me in unneeded extra work. Cuttings are a different matter.

  8. The Boy

    I’m rather fond of the word “Balderdash”, particularly when my little princess tries to copy it…

    You’ve got your first Rhubarb? Lucky you. Do you have it in the greenhouse, or are you organised enough to have it caged? Ours hasn’t sprouted yet, must put the cloches on.

  9. Z

    Jen, not easy to be imaginative when you work and have a small child. I’ve been through the years of ‘what will it be today, macaroni cheese or toasted cheese?’ (which my daughter used to call “toasted cheese on toast”).

    Imp – wow.

    Pi, I love seed sowing and caring for seedlings. The greenhouse was my refuge when the children were little and fractious.

    Biy, Balderdash is excellent.
    Not our rhubarb, I’m afraid, it’s from the wholesaler. I’m not that organised, though the time may come (do I hear you murmuring something about fairies and Cloud Cuckoo Land there?).


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