Whew, I won’t be franked up in hold* after all

I’ve just had a phone call from Islington Council. I was very annoyed when they didn’t ring back, after three calls – there was no way of leaving a message, except your name. They did reply to the recorded letter, but simply to send a receipt. However, after the fourth call I was phoned back within minutes but a helpful bloke, following which, on his advice, I emailed (he gave me the right department to go to). And I’ve just had another phone call.

So, the good news is that the summons has been withdrawn. And the other good news is that they are refunding me money. And the third good news is that really helpful and intelligent people work for Islington Council, if you can only get hold of them.

I’d like to mention too, that it was a lack of complete information that caused the problem. No one’s fault.

*(from title) Shakespeare. Richard III I think.

4 comments on “Whew, I won’t be franked up in hold* after all

  1. PI

    Glad it is resolved. I clicked on Islington but still don’t know what the problem was. Was it a parking offence? If so you are very brave to drive in London

  2. Z

    No – though I don’t mind driving in London as long as I know the way or have a reliable navigator. One of my nightmares was visiting my daughter, in November, in the dark and the rain, losing my way and having to be guided by telephone for the last five miles.
    Hands free, natch.


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