Whether the weather…

It must have been the downturn in the weather, which has been chilly and windy. I’ve had a couple of tricky days and have lain low.

The bantam Polly Garter managed to hatch two chicks but only looked after one, so the other died. I don’t think any of Foster’s will hatch. Odds are that the baby is a boy, but there we go. We’ll hopefully look after the little thing and call it her until the sex becomes clear. I suspect we’ll get more chicks from at least one wannabe mummy who’s laid away and I don’t actually need more chickens anyway. I have a couple of friends who’d be glad of any surplus.

The family Zoom quiz is tomorrow afternoon rather than Wednesday evening this week. I can’t remember why the change of day, but the time is because Al gets up so early. Wink is the host this week and she put us on the spot, asking us each to choose a subject to ask questions on while we were chatting on Wednesday. I found myself saying we’d go for Olympic cities. I know, darlings, I can’t understand myself either. Though I do prefer to ask questions on subjects I know nothing about rather than answer them and receive ones on something I’ve heard of, at least. Young Zerlina is setting the questions for her family’s round on Music. I’ve a distinct feeling that we will get zero points there. There’s one on leaves, one on pictures and another on the human body. Can’t do much boning up (oh, the wit. You see what I did there?) on any of them.

At least I’m confident about the song of a skylark now. But that won’t be asked.

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