What’s it worth?

Murph’s comment on the last reminded me of the way I devised to justify any extra expenditure I might ever make. A couple of years ago, I spent a day shopping for clothes and stuff. I don’t do this very often, but I found myself in the mood and in the happy circumstance that everything I liked fitted and everything that fitted I liked. So I bought them.

Now, my husband has never been one of those chaps who complains when bills come in. In fact, he’s very pleased when I spend money – he doesn’t think I spend enough on the whole. So when I came home and said I’d been shopping for clothes, he said “Good for you.” “I’ve spent quite a bit. A teapot’s worth, in fact.” “What,” he said airily, “about £900?” “Oh, crumbs, no. More like £600*.” “A cracked teapot then.”

Since then, every time I’ve spent money on more than necessities, I’ve thought of it in terms of Lo’st’ft china. A teabowl and saucer. A coffee cup. A nice little cat – maybe not, I could get a car for that. But a badly damaged piece could start at £20 or £30, so there’s something to fit all eventualities.

*This is a lot for me to spend in a day, but it may be small beer to you, of course. Or a small fortune, on the other hand.

10 comments on “What’s it worth?

  1. Newbie

    A husband who doesn’t think you spend enough money on clothes??

    I didn’t think they existed! I may have to reconsider my decision to never get married if these elsusive types are in fact a reality!

  2. Z

    Less is more, when it comes to clothing, Murph.

    No bookings made yet, maybe I’ll start with a nipple ring or two first. Don’t want to frighten the horses – or the dogs – after all.

  3. PI

    It is a lot but if they are classics they will earn their keep. I’m hoping to find something suitable for step-grandmother at a wedding. But it’s got to live on and be useful. Wonder if Weymouth has any good shops. I’ll let you know.

  4. The Boy

    We’re much more prosaic and talk about things in hours or days of work. “A spot of lunch, that’ll be five minutes worth then.”

    I usually have to push my wife to go shopping as well. She hates the shops with a vengence. However, she likes being stylish, so its a bit of a conundrum.

  5. Z

    I really have to be in the mood to go shopping for clothes and it doesn’t happen often. Last October, I bought a few things. And a pair of boots and one of shoes in, can’t remember, early December probably.

    I’m starting to get a twitchy credit card though. I might go quite mad any day soon and spend a coffee pot.


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