What the young Z watched

This is the one. Hancock’s Half Hour started on the radio in the 1950s and then transferred to television (while still running on the radio) and continued there until the 60s. Tony Hancock committed suicide when on a tour of Australia when he was 44 in 1968.

The quoted bit is about halfway through, but it’s worth watching the lot.

9 comments on “What the young Z watched

  1. Z

    From memory, so possibly approximate “I thought my mother was a bad cook, but at least her gravy used to move about on the plate. Yours just lies there and sets.” Hattie Jacques, with fruity dignity, “That’s the goodness in it.” Tony, acidly, “That’s the half pound of flour you put in it.”

    And, when he found out she’d eaten all the wine gums, “You’ve shovelled the lot in!”

  2. ShySongbird

    Thank you so much for visiting my site and for the comments you left.
    Unbeknown to you I have had you bookmarked for at least the last eighteen months and visit you often.
    I love the sheer energy and wit of your writing and should have commented long before this, sorrrrry!!!
    Could you send me a teeny weeny bit of that confidence please!!
    I agree it should definitely be an imprisonable offence in the UK not to know where the ‘very nearly an armful’ came from.

  3. Z

    Oh, and I didn’t know! Thank you very much for visiting – now I’ve found you I will continue visiting.

    When I was a child I was the shyest person I’ve ever met. Then I finally realised it isn’t all about me and my ego. It doesn’t matter if I make a fool of myself and the best thing, when I do, is to laugh about it. And I should focus on other people more than myself.
    Simple as that, but it took practice.

  4. Wink

    Always a bit squeamish about the “Blood Donor” – as I don’t like the sight of blood particularly my own.

    Lots of good things on Radio 7 – thank heavens for Freeview.

  5. Rog

    Apparently his ashes were brought back to UK in an Air France hold-all by satirist Willie Rushton.

    That’s very nearly an armful…

  6. Z

    I’ve been sent an appointment at the blood donor clinic for your birthday. I’m going to phone and change it.

    Yes, you couldn’t really make it up, could you, Rog?


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