What happened to yesterday?

I forgot to write. I’m so sorry darlings, I didn’t neglect you intentionally. But is it worse to have forgotten you entirely?

Anyway. It all went off well yesterday – the festival continued with the photo exhibition/competition, plus cream teas in the church, plus a photo trail round the village. There was a service at 8 am and another at 5 pm. Yes, some of us were there for everything. I made the Sage come round the village with me – he was quite keen to start with but rather lost interest and, as I had to get to the church to serve teas for a couple of hours, I finished it later on my own. Dilly, who with a friend took the photos and organised the competition, marked it last night and there are 8 winners. I don’t know if the Sage and I are one of them, but fortunately the prizes donated were very generous (eg, one is a £20 voucher at my favourite café in Yagnub) and there will be enough to go round.

After the service, I went to the pub to pick up the entry forms that had been dropped in there. I stopped for a glass of wine and a chat, which was only polite. When I came out – literally as I opened the door – there were Dilly and Squiffany, come to join me. So we all had a drink and some crisps in the pub garden. It was a lovely evening, very warm. “It’ll have to be pizza tonight” I admitted. “We had spaghetti bolognese and there’s plenty of sauce left, you can have that” said Dilly. I like living next door to her. Squiffany and I had a long discussion about spiders. She was on splendid form and enjoyed her evening out with the girls. We agreed we’d like to do it more often.

Now – let’s see, nearly quarter to ten and I haven’t brushed my hair yet. It’ll take an hour or two to make myself gorgeous, and then I’ll go and do some gardening.

11 comments on “What happened to yesterday?

  1. martina

    It is good to look good for your garden. Whenever I am doing heavy gardening chores and perspiring, dirty knees etc. invariably someone drops by unannounced. Must tell them to either call first or bring wine if they do drop by.
    Are you going to share your photos that you displayed at the fete with us?

  2. Z

    Funnily enough, my friend Jeni and I had just such a conversation this morning (not gardening, sexual preferences). We had to agree that, much as we cared for each other, we couldn’t contemplate comparing wobbly bits – and that that’s what would be more on our mind than anything else. Another thing that, for us, sounds fine in theory but just wouldn’t work in practice.

  3. Z

    What? Oh god, I’m so naive. It’s a song, it’s a David Lynch film (but not Mulholland Drive) but it’s evidently more than that.


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