What are the advantages of using an electric shaver verse a regular razor blade?

Search engines are very useful, and entertaining through those idle half-hours that those who spend chunks of the day sitting at a desk find themselves landed with, either through not enough work to do, or an understandable disinclination to keep up with work without a scarily near deadline to spur them on.
But they can give annoyingly or entertainly random answers to a simple question. ‘What are the advantages of using an electric shaver verse a regular razor blade?’ Well, I don’t know, but Google it and my totally irrelevant blog is third. An irritated (I should think) Italian checked me out and, I suspect, found me wanting.
He (for I think it is more likely to be a he) should have checked further of course, but if he cares to look back here is my small opinion for what it is worth. Based on hearsay, of course, my chin is not hirsute.

Wet shave: +, you feel as if you’ve shaved properly, it enables you to look in the mirror and stroke your face proudly, it has just that touch of Real Manliness about it that can give you the moral high ground. I am told that it gives a closer shave, especially if you are the sort of person who sports an incipient beard by lunchtime.
-, likely to give you spots, you sometimes bleed, it takes ages, you can really only do it in the bathroom.
Dry shave: + much quicker and less messy and, if pushed, you can do it while checking your morning emails before leaving the house (this is a significant advantage, as I always put in my contact lenses while checking emails) or in the car park when you arrive at work. It is kinder on sensitive skins.
-, see pluses for wet shave and take the opposite view.

I sat down intending to write about something entirely different. However, always keen to oblige and be useful.

Only one thing. WHY AFTERSHAVE? It bloody hurts, and can’t be good for your skin. How glad I am that many men nowadays use a soothing balm or lotion.

Update – Yes! Yes! First and second on Google.

5 comments on “What are the advantages of using an electric shaver verse a regular razor blade?

  1. wendz

    Oh lordy lordy lordy lord Z….oh I have been reading your scintillating comments chez greavsie and thought I’d pay an overdue vist….

    now – razors…. no no no….wax….or veet..unless you’re a man of course in which case it would be totally wussie..

    not sure if i have made sense but then i never do…

  2. Z

    Oh, hello wendz and welcome.
    I was giving a helpful female insight into a man’s world, nothing personal intended at all.
    I contemplated mentioning my legs etc, but thought that might sound a bit gross. I think you have to be young and feisty to get away with that sort of thing.
    I read your comments too, time to visit your blog *disappears like magic*

  3. wendz

    Oh hello again – thanks for the visit..BlogLand is strange, non? People we don’t know and then we come to know….

    Forgive me…I am a bit ‘under the weather’ tonight…..ahem..

    will be back



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