What a difference a day makes

Today was good, largely because I was out of the house and out of the office and I arrived home to find a bank statement that says I’ve not overspent on my holiday before I’ve even taken it.

The Sage was glad to see me and offered to help cook dinner, no need as I’d sorted it in advance (hah! after nearly 33 years I am still good for something) so he felt good for offering: and better for grateful reception for no work at all. Of such things are marriage made.

My ears are buzzing, not from tinnitus but from hearing 41 mini lectures in little over an hour and a half; also from long and cheerful chats with my good friend Ab who kept buying me quantities of food and drink and continued to entertain me throughout (and thanks for your advice on a previous post Ab; I’ve taken it and amended accordingly).

I’ve offered him a guest slot – will he take it? I hope so.

Back to London tomorrow morning, commuting is quite exciting to a Norfolk mawther.

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